Zen Robots Workshop

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Below are some links for videos of the exercises that we shared with you and the research links should you find it helpful. 

Calm the Body-Mind

Gentle movements to soothe the nervous system & help reset the breath.

Remember the 6 second breath - a practice to slow the breath down.

We mentioned the OPPOSITIONS work and this is from the practice of yoga nidra. Try this when you have 30 minutes to rest.

Join left & right brain

Standing movement of coordinating the left & right sides of the brain & body. Standing balances & figure of 8 on feet. 

Meditation on left & right sides of the body & brain.

Remember the power of a gratitude list - write 5 items per day.

faster conscious response

Seated movement to improve alertness & concentration.

Standing movement to increase alertness & focus. 

Remember the power of visualisations for instant calm & the cuteness of baby animals.

Research Links from Workshop

Mindfulness Studies


positive stress research

Prof Kelly McGonigal’s research that stress can be positive. This has an impact on the  interrelations of bodily systems which means that with conscious awareness we can change the system and re-train ourselves to a calmer state.

Perception shifting as a tool to improve feelings of physical health and overall wellbeing. This is about perception of self and not necessarily physical activity taking place. 


Psychoneuroimmunology (nervous system)

Relationships between mind, nervous & immune systems by Candice Pert


Left - Right Brain Connection


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