Yoga Therapy

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What Conditions can Yoga therapy help with?

Common conditions that yoga therapy can help with are: physical injuries and pain management; more functional issues like IBS, high blood pressure, arthritis; and mental health issues like stress, anxiety and depression. 

How Can yoga therapy help You?

  • Improve range of motion and joint stiffness or restriction

  • Develop tools for pain management
  • Improve circulation, respiration and digestion
  • Find clarity and peace of mind
  • Improve and regulate mood and emotional states
  • Understand your physical, mental, emotional needs more clearly
  • Learn tools to support yourself so you can take drive your wellbeing

it requires some home practise

The client receives notes and an audio recording of their home practise, so that they can do it independently between sessions. As such, yoga therapy empowers clients to proactively participate in their journey towards improved wellbeing, helping them become attuned to their own needs and giving them tools to address them effectively.

What is yoga therapy?

Yoga Therapy's focus is to find relief from a health condition or symptom; whether it's physical, mental or emotional in nature; unlike a yoga class; where the focus is to learn yoga through general physical or mental practices.  

Yoga therapy applies bespoke yoga practices as an intervention to the client's health challenge; in order to meet the individual needs of the client in a holistic way - as such the therapy will address the health condition but will also address with the client's relationship to it. 

Yoga therapy sessions take place 121 and the therapist and client work together to determine the best practices for the client.


Therapeutic practices might include gentle postures, breathing, meditation, chanting or relaxation and will be geared towards helping the client heal. Although a condition maybe more centered in the body, mind or the emotions, yoga therapy will aim to meet the client at all three levels.



      In Person Package


      In person Pack: 4x 90 minute sessions

      4x 90 minute sessions that take place 121 in person at the client's home or a rented studio space. Designed for use over 4-8 weeks, the therapist and client work together to find targeted yoga practices to support the client move them towards their desired wellbeing destination. Over the 4x sessions significant time is dedicated to discussion and reflection, in order to determine client's progress towards their goals and adapt their practice accordingly. 



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