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Help your work force to thrive with an OM Workplace Wellbeing Strategy!


Solutions Focused for Your Workplace

We offer proactive solutions to common work place challenges. Your investment in employee wellbeing makes them feel valued, supported and appreciated. We can help you develop a strategy to create a mindful and healthy workplace culture that everyone benefits from. We are bespoke, because you and your staff are unique.

We don’t take a one-size fits all approach. We start by understanding you, your employees and your combined needs and objectives. We deliver affordable and effective wellbeing training and practises. Whether you want to create your wellbeing strategy from scratch or compliment your existing one, we can help.


Boost the wellbeing of your employees to enrich your business.

We offer a free/ no obligation telephone consultation about how we can support you and your staff.


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At Work





Boost the wellbeing of your employees to enrich your business.



keep staff happy, healthy and committed in the following ways:

  • Rejuvenate the mind and body

  • Enhance attention, memory and performance

  • Reduce Stress

  • Reduce sick days

  • Strengthen Team Cohesion

  • Build Confidence

  • Improve employee satisfaction and retention

  • Provide practical techniques to help your staff to cope during challenging times

  • Create a healthy and emotionally resilient workforce



We offer…

Don’t worry. We’re experts at what we do, so you don’t need to be. We are here to support and guide you in building your workplace wellbeing offering. We will happily talk you through the different techniques and their benefits, so that you can make an informed choice.


Weekly classes are a great way for your employers to relieve stress, rejuvenate and relax. A regular wellbeing routine you are helps to build and sustain a mindful and healthy workplace culture. Classes can take place on-site and are a way to encourage relationship building amongst colleagues.  We can help with moving furniture and provide mats for the class.

Our wellbeing courses bring together various mind-body forms through a modern day and business centred approach. Our approach begins with physical internal awareness, where we can develop greater awareness of our external world and our relationships within it.  Our bespoke courses are for your workplace to face practical daily challenges in your workspace. We even offer ongoing support and reviews following our courses.

Our selection of Workplace Wellbeing Workshops introduce posture, seated exercises, stress and basic mindfulness techniques all done at the desk to reduce the risk of injury and refresh focus. These include trial weeks of various services (classes, workshops and talks) and bespoke design of wellbeing days or weeks for your office needs.

Sometimes there are particular concerns or requests by staff that require more individual attention. We will come to the office and provide sessions to support individuals; this can be in a meeting room, first aid room or other space convenient for your workplace. This can be paid for by staff or subsidised at your company’s discretion.

Yoga Therapy is a specific modality to support individual needs. Through movement, breath and meditation chosen for that person’s goals. We offer Yoga Therapy clinics in your office for staff to attend with prior booking.

Payment options

Company pays for staff 100%

Company subsidises staff - you set your % split

Staff pay 100%

Where staff pay towards their attendance we provide online booking and payment. We reduce the hassle for your office to run Wellbeing at Work!