We offer...

   Weekly Classes

Weekly classes are a great way to build routine, provide a rejuvenating break without leaving the office and build relationships with colleagues.  We can help with moving furniture and bringing mats to the class. 

Classes can be paid by the company (taxable benefit for all), subsidised or paid as a course by the staff. 


OM Office Courses


Our wellbeing courses bring together principles of various mind-body forms using our principles of building physical internal awareness that graduates to the external world and our relationships within it.  Our bespoke courses are for your workplace focused on at the desk exercises to face practical daily challenges. We even offer ongoing support and reviews following our courses. 

OM office workshops


Our selection of Wellbeing Workshops introduce posture, seated exercises, stress and basic mindfulness techniques all done at the desk to reduce the risk of injury and refresh focus. These include trial weeks of various services (classes, workshops and talks) and bespoke design of wellbeing days or weeks for your office needs. 

Popular workshops include: Stress and Mindfulness, Seated Movement, Pain - Good or Bad? Osteopath and Physio clinics, Massage therapists.

OM office courses

 Private classes at work

Sometimes there are particular concerns or requests by staff that require more individual attention. We will come to the office and provide sessions to support individuals, this can be in a meeting room, first aid room or other space convenient for your workplace.

Click above if you wish to learn more or request a taster session with one of our OM Professionals at your office. 



                          Rejuvenate the mind and body
                Enhance attention, memory & performance
                  Reduce stress
                  Reduce sick days
                  Strengthen team cohesion
                  Build confidence


For all:

  • Healthy people are more effective at work.
  • Improved posture reduces the risk of injury.
  • Focus in mind-body movement improves attention and memory. 
  • Attention to  movement helps calm and de-stress the mind.
  • Imagery in movement can develop creativity and lateral solutions.

For company:

  • Support a healthier workplace.
  • Attract new recruits and increase retention.

For staff:

  • Access to movement in the office - saving time!
  • Understanding physical sensations in the body can create awareness of emotional states and physical ailments. 

Our client's say:

We have recently done a 6 week group course in pilates with Omega Movement at Hays and felt the evening class worked well to learn bout different breathing techniques and de-stress after a long day. The areas on posture and ways to improve your exercise techniques are particularly useful as the small changes have made a good impact on my normal routine. We have already signed up for further courses in the autumn – highly recommended
— Hays Recruitment
We did an afternoon of workshops with the Omega Movement team and the feedback was fantastic for all your sessions, lots of staff had never tried anything like mindfulness before so thought it was a great experience and found both sessions relaxing and useful. There wasn’t one negative comment :) so thanks again.
— CAFamily
We have weekly Pilates and Yoga classes with Omega Movement. I’m a former ‘yoga-phobe’ but can now say that the Monday yoga classes are one of the highlights of my week! Becky, our instructor, is great – very welcoming, great at both accommodating different abilities and also building our strength and technique every week which is something that we have all noticed. Molly and Nid at Omega have been fab to work with, really easy to arrange classes, the instructors have been of a high quality, and they’ve always been quick to sort a replacement if, for example, an instructor is ill, and to keep us informed. We definitely recommend them.
— Origin Housing

Payment options

You find the space in your office and tell your colleagues, then we come with mats and get the workplace moving! We are flexible and want to support your office so if the option you seek is not below, contact us to see what we can do. 

Full company invoice

Pay the whole amount for each class, workshop and course for your employees benefit. 


Support your staff with the space for the class and storage of mats with employees paying for the course themselves upfront. 

Part Company Invoice

Contribute to a portion of each class, workshop and course, and the remainder is paid by the employee direct.

Individual pays drop ins

Similar to the Individual Pays Course where the employees pay themselves, but a social group supplements a basic rate paid for all classes.