Workplace Wellbeing

Individual Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to you as a member of an attendee of a class, workshop or course at your workplace where the event(s) are provided to your workplace as a client of Omega Movement Limited.  By attending the session(s) you agree to these Terms and Conditions.


  1. We ask you to respect Omega Movement’s Values that can be found at  

  2. If your teacher or Omega Movement is concerned that you are not abiding by these Values, an alternative teacher may be provided to you.

  3. If you do not consider that your teacher is upholding Omega Movement’s Values, please contact Omega Movement at to discuss.


  4. Sessions will take place in your work place as arranged by your nominated colleague. Your nominated colleague is responsible for notifying you of times, dates, location and any changes to your course.

  5. Your employer has provided storage space for mats and these shall be collected prior to each session.  You may bring your own mat to the sessions.


  6. You are responsible to inform your teacher of any changes in your health throughout the course and each session.  Please ensure that you notify the teacher or Omega Movement so that modifications can be given to suit your needs.

  7. You understand that undertaking any form of physical activity increases the chances of injury to your body. You agree that you are responsible for stopping should any pain or discomfort begin during a session, and that you may feel muscle soreness after sessions.

  8. Omega Movement shall not be liable for any injury or death caused to you in the event that you fail to notify the teacher and/or Omega Movement of any changes to your health; or if you fail to correctly follow the teacher’s instructions.

    Other Important Terms

  9. Your personal data on this form will only be processed in compliance with our Privacy Policy.  Omega Movement shall not be liable for any incorrect information provided by you.

  10. You are over 18 years old and fully understand what you are signing in this agreement.

  11. These terms and conditions are governed by English law and you and Omega Movement agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts in the event of any dispute.