Who Are We?

We work together to support individuals' wellbeing journeys.

Nid offers Pilates, yoga, Soul Realignment, law of attration, mentoring, energy healing and massage.

Molly offers yoga and yoga therapy.

Collaborations: We also work with a range of other brilliant wellbeing teachers, therapists and healers to offer you a huge selection of practices and treatments to choose from.  We are growing these partners around the world. 




Molly and Nid joined forces in 2015 to through a mutual friend and passion for mind-body movement that changes lives.  We work with other amazing professionals who support our clients to pursue a fulfilled life aligned with who they are. 

Molly and Nid share their stories about how mind-body movement has supported their life journeys and brought them to sharing with others. 

Molly's Story

Nid's Story

As a dancer Nid grew up working with her body, yet she struggled with depression in this career as the body was never sufficient alone. Her solution was to become a workaholic lawyer where she became lost in her rational mind; panic attacks ensued. After a head injury, Nid healed herself through holistic approaches. Her key strategy was to use her body's expressions (symptoms & emotions) to measure her recovery.   She shares from her heart as we can only ever genuinely teach from lessons that we have experienced. 

Nid loves all her incarnations as a Reiki healer, Raynor massage therapist, Soul Realignment and Law of Attraction practitioner alongside teaching yoga, pilates, yoga nidra, fascia training, Boxilates and mind-body fitness, and writing blogs for Omega Movement, Sivana East the blog of Sivana Spirit and Blue Osa.  

Nid coaches from the place of conscious awareness. To empower others to discover the tools of how the body and mind talk to one another, which helps us hear our unconscious and larger Self. All movement must come from a sensation of ease, fluidity and stability - her core themes. When we experience genuine ease then we can find alignment with our larger Self for a more fulfilled life. 

Nid is based in Sydney at awarding-winning  retreats and online with private clients. Her work draws many with long-term pain or health issues to discover how to enjoy their body and use conscious awareness to understand their whole being for a full life. For those in perfect health, she loves to have clients challenge their edge, face their perceived limitations and maximise their potential.


Molly attended her first yoga class, seeking stress relief and exercise, as an anxious teenager with disordered eating, worrying about exams. She dipped in and out of yoga practice for the next few years whilst at college and traveling, coming back to the practice when things became stressful. Once working full time, her practice became more regular and she started to recognise the impact that yoga had upon all aspects of my life. This prompted her to complete my first 200 hour teacher training in 2013, and has continued training ever since.

Having benefitted from the therapeutic impact of yoga in her own life, she recently completed a diploma in Yoga Therapy with Yogacampus so she can offer tailored and bespoke yoga practices to help individuals heal on all levels - physical, mental or emotional.

For Molly, yoga has demonstrated that our body, thoughts, feelings and mind are capable of changing and evolving through a regular practice. She believes that by practicing again and again, and allowing the practice to evolve, yoga can take us on a journey of self-discovery, acceptance and growth. 

First and foremost a student herself, she is driven to share any or all of what she has learned so far to anyone who is curious. Yoga is for everyone, all abilities, bodies and levels of experience.

Molly is based in London, UK, and offers yoga therapy in person in London and on retreats. Her yoga therapy is supported with online training options to UK clients.


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