Welcome to Omega Movement’s Blog!

Originally this blog was designed by Nid to help brain function whether you have a mild traumatic brain injury (mild TBI) or not.  As Nid’s healing progressed we decided to incorporate it into Omega Movement to broaden what we share together.

There are tips and posts about physical exercise and mindfulness, recipes for brain health and life lessons we share along our way.

The blog began focused on nutrition & using cooking to help rebuild brain function. Nid added movement as it is key to a healthy body and brain. Lastly, we brought Nid’s lessons from retreat work and travel to the blog as a key adventure in her healing process.

We’d love to hear any comments or feedback on how we can help you  – food, meditation, movement, spiritual or anything else!

Please note we are not medically qualified and this blog is what we have learned through our journeys.  If you have any health issues please make sure you seek your doctor’s advice.

Much appreciation & blessings,
Nid & Molly

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