Our values

Both teachers and students must meet together so we ask all our teachers and clients to bring these values to their practice. 

Omega Movement has strong values for all who take part because we're all learning together


We celebrate diversity and treat all students and colleagues with respect.

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We believe that we all need movement that is accessible and fits into our busy lives, no matter where we are and what we do.



We believe in an honest, authentic connection with our students and we value teaching with kind ness and regard.



We create a safe space where our students can comfortably inquire, practice and heal.



We teach in a way that supports the health, development and well-being of each student and refrain from any action that may cause harm to ourselves or others.



We are a space of creativity, compassion and support.



We strive to teach with integrity and to the best of our abilities; we maintain a healthy, focused, intelligent practice in order to teach deeply and clearly from personal experience.



We honestly acknowledge the limitations of our own knowledge and skills as teachers.  We ask for help when we need it; when necessary we encourage our students to seek alternative treatments and/or professional advice.



We live and teach in a way that is harmonious with our practice.



We encourage you to do your best whilst respecting how you feel at that moment.



The end is the best part of any story” ― Michael Grant