Energy + Motion =

Aligned Emotion


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Friday 17 August 2018  2pm


1pm plant powered lunch

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You'll discover

Alignment is more than physical, it is about living a fulfilling life that brings out what makes you shine bright. This workshop will provide quick and accessible tools on:

  1. How to access your ENERGY in the physical sensations moving through your body that guide your mind as to what is best for you in that moment. 
  2. When to move physically through life with MOTION that supports your flow of enjoyment.
  3. That your emotions are positive when you let this guidance system work throughout the body. 


  • Yoga class
  • SUP class
  • Meditation practice
  • Plant Powered Lunch at 1pm
  • FREE Recipe Book to download
  • FREE Meditation practice on mp3


10am session merged with 2pm due to weather conditions

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Bring with you

  • Yoga mat
  • Water bottle
  • Note Book & Pen to write

DATE:  Friday 17 August 2018

2 x TIMES:  10am & 2pm (2 sessions with lunch shared at 1pm)

LOCATION: Toronto Island SUP, Toronto Island, Toronto, ON, M5J 2B1


$115 for workshop (includes lunch)

$105 EACH if you book with a friend

$315 if book ALL 3 Realign for Joyful Living Series workshops

Energy + Motion = Emotion Workshop