Making Decisions for Alignment:

Join Nid with Megan & Saida


August DATE, 2018 


You'll discover

Decisions are all the time every moment of our lives. We live to make decisions and have experiences, but it can be so exhausting when we are out of alignment. This workshop will look at how we can find the fun in making decisions through the joy in each of the following:

  1. The Physical Posture Loop - change your posture to change your decisions
  2. The Mind - the balance of logic and intuition in the mind
  3. Food and Gut - how your food choices affect your decisions


  • Pilates Class
  • Meditation for Intuition
  • Talk on Food and Gut Intuition
  • Raw Vegan Lunch
  • FREE Goody Bag
  • FREE Recipe Book to download
  • FREE Meditation mp3


    Bring with you

    • Yoga mat and water bottle
    • Notebook & Pen for your notes





    $90 for day workshop or $85 each if you book with a friend

    Want to see more of Nid while she is in Toronto? Book ALL 3 days of workshops for $270!

    Pay online in GBP£ below(adjusted price for exchange rate) or email for invoice in CA$

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