Often unsure of what they need or how to implement we have booking systems and online feedback to help our clients know if it our solutions benefit their business. 

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here east 

Here East approached us to help with their launch of wellbeing at work for the new businesses established at their premises. We agreed to provide a  seated massage clinic and two workshops: 'Seated Movement' and 'Better Posture'. It was all provided for free but staff could book online or show up and see if they could get a spot! It was greatly enjoyed and the offices enjoy regular Pilates classes for their improved posture and wellbeing. 


The legal recruiting experts loved the combined Zen Robots with Breath to Perform workshops so much that they shared about their experience on Facebook and their business blog.

IQL or the International Quarter London

Requested a series of six workshops over the summer for the range of workers around the new site. We provided a range of talks with demonstration workshops and movement experience led workshops on Creativity, Communication, Sitting Fitness, Postural Habits, Mindfulness and Decision Making.

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grant tree

Treehouse approached us initially looking for weekly yoga classes to take place on their amazing roof garden during the summer. Molly taught weekly yoga classes, that students paid for, subsidised by Treehouse during the summer months. However, once Autumn arrived and a London roof terrace was no longer a viable location for classes we hired a local hall and continued to run the classes for Treehouse staff until the weather improved the following summer and roof top classes could resume. 

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origin housing

The Camden housing charity contacted us about wellbeing at work classes. We offered 'free' taster classes of yoga and Pilates to the staff, who then voted on both as regular classes. The charity could subsidise the staff classes and we agreed a course structure better suited the work environment. After several months of running courses of lunchtime Pilates and yoga, we reviewed the attendance. It was agreed that the yoga classes would become the focus for the charity. Each course the numbers and attendance are reviewed to agree any changes to the pricing and marketing to the staff. 

“It has made a big difference to my mobility and general wellbeing. In fact, I’m really taken aback by the difference it has made to me and how much better I feel”