Dina's Story

Get confidence & Be inspired

For 4 years we have worked with Dina. Due to some paralysis she had limited mobility and lack of confidence to attend group classes. The goal was to improve her core strength and balance, with 2-3 sessions per week of functional Pilates and Yoga. As her confidence grew we explored her fears of movement in public and encouraged her to join a gym for cardiovascular training on cross-trainers. 

In 2017 she decided to join one of our retreats. Her first class with other people! She loved the retreat and discovered how strong and fit she truly is. She trains online with Nid twice weekly, attends the gym once a week and has even begun looking at attending a yoga class with strangers! 

Due to some paralysis, I should have been a bit of a challenge for Nid but she has embraced that challenge with her amazing knowledge of the anatomy, as well as personalised and creative solutions to work around my limitations. Better than any physio I've worked with :)


Bridget's Story

get fit and find wellbeing

Bridget approached Omega Movement for a high quality teacher that could aid with her knee and repetitive strain injuries: she wanted Pilates. An avid spinner she loves the 'burn' and to feel the work. For her pains, back to basics was needed: mindful breath work with movement to reduce the tension she held in her body. As Bridget's physical pains reduced we built in more 'fitness' exercises. Some months passed and a relapse occurred, so she returned to us. We designed her short and simple practices supported with the written notes, add-on videos and recordings. Now Bridget has the tools to reconnect back to her mindfully moving body that is pain-free and has space for more joy in her life!   

Nid is the only teacher I know who is focused on her clients' wellbeing in a way that it is unparallelled in my experience.

Our practice started out with me learning to breathe correctly. It was as basic as that - much of certain painful body experience was the result of me not breathing properly from the abdomen as we all should. We slowly built up from there, until Nid had designed a complete body workout for me which is achievable, easy to remember and only takes 20 minutes of my time whenever I choose to practise.


Claire's Story

Yoga Therapy client - with Ibs

"I have suffered with IBS and digestive issues for the best part of 10 years; I’ve been prescribed numerous medications to manage the symptoms and pain, but to no avail. For the last few years, I’ve been trying to manage my IBS with my diet – I find that being restrictive on certain ‘trigger’ foods such as Bread or Pasta doesn’t really help me, I still suffer with bloating and stomach pains (sometimes which are excruciating).

Molly taught me the importance of breath in nourishing and calming the body through a sequence of gentle movement and breath. This was something that felt a bit alien to me at first, however when I took this away as home practice I noticed how slowing my breathing and pouring breath into the lower belly actually had a de-bloating effect!

As an active person I don’t really give myself any time for rest. The therapy overall has helped me to realise that I am allowed to slow down; to trust my body and senses, and to practice for as long or as little as necessary to reap the benefits.

The goals of the therapy were to feel less full in my belly, as well as reduce discomfort. I found that after the first session alone I was able to alleviate bloating with slow, deep low belly breathing. I now have go-to poses to help on days where I am feeling full, and on days where I’m feeling delicate."