Omega Movement clients always discover something new and feel wellbeing in more than just their body!


at home

“I felt the benefits from the start - Nid's focussed classes have really improved my back pain and helped with my climbing.”

~ Gavin

“I had two great one to one sessions of Pilates with Nid and I would recommend it. Nid came created a routine of exercises tailored to the problems I have  with my back and they have been very useful."

~ Raffaela


at work

“Really enjoying the classes/ Teacher is great. Good pace, good level. Definitely feel better for it. I can feel myself improving each week”


“It’s a really great class! Everyone should sign up. Definitely builds up strength and it’ great for mindfulness J”


“The yoga classes are great – Mondays are not the same now without them!”


on retreat

"Just got back from a fantastic retreat with Nid and Molly in Andalusia. It was everything my body needed, the perfect combination of movement and rest, all held in a compassionate, beautiful space. Thank you both so much! Can't wait to come to another next year. And thanks to al the wonderful people we met there - what a FAB group we were! Lots of love and gratitude xxxx "

~ Raj


"I can’t thank you both enough for the last few days. Truly A-Ma-Zing darlings! 10/10"

~ Andrew