Omega Movement works with a diverse range of talented and experienced wellbeing professionals who share our values want to help others through mind-body movement. We are worldwide but founded in London, UK, which is where most of our team are based too.

OM Management Team

Managed by Molly and Nid who believe strongly in mind-body movement being a path to wellbeing and who both never stop learning, we love to share what we learn with all. 


Nid Seymour

Nid has a constant flow of ideas, calm strength and motivating energy style means she never stops - something she is working on!  

Molly is kind, supportive and brings a steady energy with her.  Her classes are gentle , inspiring with deep growth that make us leave feeling a profound sense of  fun!

OM Professionals 

Omega Movement Professionals are independent professionals who provide teaching and services under the Omega Movement brand direct to our clients.