Soul Realignment  

I noticed how rich my life is since my Soul Realignment session and it has brought so much more gratitude to my life
— Ava

Why Do this? 

  • Have you wondered if you truly know what your gifts are? What will make you shine?!

  • You know your gifts, but feel choices constantly hold you back from pursuing the best life for you?

  • Life is going great, you have done lots of spiritual development work, but still lack some clarity about your life's purpose.

  • There is a cycle of bad karma in your life and you know it is time to create new karma that is good for you. Learn more about karma here.

  • Intuitive meets logic for healing your life.

This program is designed to empower you into your true Divine Being and live in joy. 

Who is it for? 

Anyone! This simple process is to help you get clear on how to bring who you are into all that you do in your life. It is about alignment of your physical body, mental, and emotional with your soul. 

Clients to date have been seeking clarity on how to make shifts towards fully living their dream, and some needed more clarity on what that dream was so that they could intentionally live each present moment. 

How it works?

Through specific access to your Soul's information in the Akashic Records we take a look at your Soul's Blueprint at origination and current choices that are preventing you from living to your fullest potential. 

In the session we discuss your Divine gifts and what will make you shine. We then review what current life choices are restricting your soul expanding into it's fullest glory. You are provided some homework and guidance during this discussion. 

A month later we have a check-in about these changes. Where you may still be struggling and options to further clear out what is holding you back e.g. the energy of your home might be holding your 'old' choices. 

What is the Akashic Record? 

Think a giant database of all our souls and all our decisions in all the lifetimes of our souls - like a cloud server of all your thoughts, feelings, events and life choices. It holds the karma that we carry through our lives. 

In Soul Realignment we only look at the current negative choices that are holding you back from your fullest true expression.  We look at the patterns you are in that deprive you of energy and clarity. Learn more about karma in our blog post here


Your total Investment: £170

  • 1 x 90 minute session to go through report

  • 1 x 30 minute session after 21 days of 1st session

Add on Transformation Program to get clear and intentional guidance as you make the changes to live your dream! 

If you’re feeling out of sync or like you’re not where you should be in life, this course will help you reconnect with your inner spark and find your way again.
— Michael