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Aidan R (via email)

I have trained for many different sports over the years, but it was not until I started yoga and pilates with Omega Movement that I began to learn what proper movement is. It has been a journey of discovery, undoing past injuries, preventing new ones and getting stronger and more flexible along the way. It has required a shift in mindset – this is not a competitive endeavour – but if you think that means it’s easy you are quite mistaken! Nid, Rish and others genuinely care, and move you along at a pace that suits you, but aren’t afraid to push you. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you’ll benefit from the expert tuition they offer.

Dina Hassan

I have been doing one to one sessions with Nid for almost 2 years now and have felt so much improvement! Due to some paralysis, I should have been a bit of a challenge for Nid but she has embraced that challenge with her amazing knowledge of the anatomy, as well as personalised and creative solutions to work around my limitations. Better than any physio I've worked with :)

Louise OH (via email)

“Love the classes. I have really felt how they have helped me with the changes in my body - from changing my work situation to throughout my pregnancy.”

Gavin E (via email)

“I felt the benefits from the start - Nid's focussed classes have really improved my back pain and helped with my climbing.”

Raffaela G (via email)

“I had two great one to one sessions of Pilates with Nid and I would recommend it. Nid came created a routine of exercises tailored to the problems I have  with my back and they have been very useful. The video is great, because it reminds me clearly of what I need to look out for and what shall I concentrate on whilst doing the exercises. It's easy to book and everybody is very friendly.”

B (private client)

Nid gave me back my natural breath, natural standing posture and natural walk - thank you!!


on retreat

Client reviews of our Align Retreat 2017

sandra allen

Nid's Pilates for Back care sequence in Nicaragua was AMAZING! It brought me more in tune with my body and how we need to take proper care of it in order to continue to live gracefully!

Dana (via email)

I had the great pleasure of first meeting Nid, then practicing yoga under her tutelage at the Retreat in Costa Rica. My first impressions were of a friendly, serene person. Her experience and knowledge were evident straight away in our first session. She is patient, and takes extra time to ensure each student is properly aligned, and moving correctly. Nid's heartfelt caring and compassion for her students, as well as her verbiage and visualization, enhances the whole experience. She is one of the rare people that leaves you feeling like you are a better person for meeting her. I genuinely wish to be able to practice with her again." Namaste

Andrew (via email) 

To be honest, I didn’t book the retreat with me in mind. It was a gift for my partner, who has been into yoga for a few years. I was just going to tag along, not do any classes, and instead just eat the food, read a book and soak up the sun.
I didn’t dream that I would also end up taking part in some classes too. But from the very first moment I stepped foot in the retreat environment, I felt confident as a total newbie to take part in some of the classes. Specifically, Nid’s pilates classes were ideal for someone completely new to the discipline. Her fun and easy style of teaching made me feel right at home, as did my fellow classmates who couldn’t have been more welcoming.
During the times when the others were in classes, I was able to go out for jogs in the local hills, take a dip in the pool, and read my book. But the fact there was lots of lovely free time for everyone on the retreat, I never felt left out or alone.
The next Omega Movement retreat I go on (and there will be another, believe me!) I will jump in completely to all the classes - Molly’s yoga classes too!

susan henry

Nid is the most talented and personalized yoga instructor I have ever encountered.  She helped me address my weaknesses - perceived or real - and encouraged my hesitant husband to stretch his physical and mental boundaries.  Nid has a very high level of emotional intelligence which makes time spent with her great for your body and soul.


Carolyn Rogers

Nid was the most amazing instructor I have ever worked with. She has an amazing eye for underlying muscular patterns and an incredible ability to work with them to develop personalized solutions to help effectively deepen your practice without causing additional strain. Also, her yoga Nidra practice is truly incredible - absolutely worth the experience!! I would follow her anywhere :)


At work

OM At Work

Contact A Family

We did an afternoon of workshops with the Omega Movement team and the feedback was fantastic for all your sessions, lots of staff had never tried anything like mindfulness before so thought it was a great experience and found both sessions relaxing and useful. There wasn’t one negative comment :) so thanks again.

Hays Recruitment

We have recently done a 6 week group course in pilates with Omega Movement at Hays and felt the evening class worked well to learn bout different breathing techniques and de-stress after a long day. The areas on posture and ways to improve your exercise techniques are particularly useful as the small changes have made a good impact on my normal routine. We have already signed up for further courses in the autumn – highly recommended

Origin Housing

We have weekly Pilates and Yoga classes with Omega Movement. I’m a former ‘yoga-phobe’ but can now say that the Monday yoga classes are one of the highlights of my week! Becky, our instructor, is great – very welcoming, great at both accommodating different abilities and also building our strength and technique every week which is something that we have all noticed. Molly and Nid at Omega have been fab to work with, really easy to arrange classes, the instructors have been of a high quality, and they’ve always been quick to sort a replacement if, for example, an instructor is ill, and to keep us informed. We definitely recommend them.

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