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Our retreats are set in stunning places, but are not about escapism. When you remove yourself from your usual way of life, it is easy to unwind and leave modern day distractions behind.  At OM Wellbeing Retreats we provide the perfect environment for you to align your mind and body with a new way of life.

Through our unique blend of Pilates, yoga, meditation and energetic healing, our retreats offer you a personalised program to improve your health and wellbeing. OM Wellbeing Retreats are the perfect platform for you to learn the tools you need to live a fulfilled, happy and joyful life.

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Benefits from OM Retreats

  • Deepen your Yoga and Pilates Practise
  • Align your body and mind
  • Learn and experience how your mind and body are interconnected
  • Cultivate a more balanced and mindful approach to life
  • Relax, restore, rejuvenate and revitalise
  • Receive bespoke practises and support
  • Enjoy personalised teachings from expert, certified instructors and practitioners

Our Philosophy

Our intention is to help clients align their mind & body, to encourage them to develop a self practice that empowers them to maintain their alignment when they return home. From this place, we structure the retreat but leave open the specifics. When we have met each client through a pre-retreat call we design the details tailored to the group and individuals attending. This ensures a bespoke experience that meets everyone where they are at, on this holiday.

Complete beginners through to advanced were all provided with a very bespoke experience, the classes were excellent and gave me a lot of inspiration for my yoga and Pilates practise at home.
— Ruth
Nid and Molly took the time to understand what I wanted from the retreat despite the fact that there was a theme. They both felt like friends that you’ve known for years...
— Nadine

What's Special about OM Retreats? 

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Each Retreat Always Includes:


  • Pre-retreat 15 minute consultation call. To ensure that goals, intention and level of experience will be met through the retreat. It also gives new clients the opportunity to meet us.


  • Pick 1 x 30 minutes of:  private session with our teachers during the retreat to support your personal practice.
  • 2 x classes per day
  • Meditation / yoga nidra
  • Healthy nutritious meals
  • FREE Tea & coffee
  • Shared room with 1 other or Private Room options
  • Workshops
  • Props, mats etc for classes


  • 1 x 60 minute online training session of pilates, yoga, coaching, reiki or meditation. Can break this up into 2 x 30 minute sessions.   This supports integration of your practice into daily life.

Sounds amazing, right?!

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Upcoming Retreats

Move with Alignment, Andalusia




14th - 21st May 2018


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How to Hear From Us

Who attends OM Wellbeing Retreats?


OM Wellbeing Retreats are open to all. Because we offer bespoke practises we are able cater for people of all levels and circumstances. Our retreats are attended by students with varying levels of Pilates, yoga and meditation experience from several continents. Because we offer bespoke practises we are able cater for people of all levels and circumstances. Often, but not always, going through life changes they are of all ages. If a client has a partner that does not wish to be fully immersed in the program, we welcome them to join for whatever aspects they choose.

Reasons Why Our Students Joined Us


Reset and reconnect with their inner self after stressful life situations.

Desire to take home a compassionate practice toward themselves.

Connect with intuition for decision-making in the future, improving confidence in future path.

A holiday! Fun, chill, de-stress, rest and restore some energy.

Get back into movement from physical injury, with a more aligned practice for injury prevention.

Rediscover their inner child to have more fun in life. 

To evolve a meditation practice and find peace when in the whirlwind of life.

Feel empowered that have the strength and openness to transition through life’s changes.

They are interested in our personal journeys and feel that we have something unique to share with them.



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I can’t say enough good things about Nid. In addition to just being a compassionate and supportive woman; she also can really sense what’s up with your body and provide excellent advice on how to work with your ‘issues’ and strengthen.
— Gail, Release & Align Retreat 2018
I spent a week at the with Omega Movement retreat in Sicily and had a great time. They offer the best yoga and Pilates classes you can get anywhere.

Nid & Molly are very friendly and hospitable and make sure everyone feels at home as quickly as possible. I came alone, like many other guests, but felt very welcome. The whole experience was very inclusive but no pressure to be anywhere or do anything other than what you needed. Complete beginners through to advanced were all provided with a very bespoke experience, the classes were excellent and gave me a lot of inspiration for my yoga and Pilates practise at home.

Also, they had chosen the most beautiful setting right on the beach and the yoga studio provided a beautiful view and was simply stunning! I cannot recommend this highly enough - everyone needs some of this in their lives and I thoroughly intend to go back!
— Ruth, Wellbeing Retreat 2017

Past OM Retreats

Go with the Flow
  Release & Align Retreat, Nicaragua    25 January - 1 February 2018

Release & Align Retreat, Nicaragua

25 January - 1 February 2018

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Retreat FAQs

  • Do I need prior experience in all modalities? No, we welcome all levels and abilities.

  • Can I come if I am injured? Yes, please provide confirmation from your doctor that you are well enough to be active. Let us know if there are things you are advised to avoid.

  • Do I have to come to every class? No. It’s your holiday, and you can rest as much as you need or if you want more free time to other things that is fine too! If you come with partner who does not wish to join the classes, we welcome them!

  • Do I need to eat vegetarian, vegan food? We try and work with venues who tailor the meals to the dietary requirements of the group offering vegan as well as vegetarian/pescatarian options so that all are catered for. We advertise the retreat as specific diet if that is what the venue offers.

  • Is wine/ alcohol available at dinner? Yes, but venue dependant. This is often an additional cost.

  • What do I need to bring? Comfy clothes to move in. We specify in each Retreat Information Pack the weather and suggestions of specific items you might like.

  • I want to bring my partner, but they don't do Pilates or yoga. Can they come just for the food and accommodation? Yes, we love you to bring a partner and share the experience. Every retreat we have welcomed partners along and they have loved it, and discovered new things they didn't imagine!

Additional Info

  • For each retreat we provide a specific Information Pack that sets out in detail the where, how, what is included or not, and what is available for that retreat. 
  • We never include flights or transfers in your home country.
  • Our full Retreat terms and conditions explain about visas, passports and inoculations that are your responsibility.
  • We always require a non-refundable deposit to confirm your spot on the retreat.
  • All retreats must be paid for in full prior to the retreat start date.
  • We try to only work with retreat venues that provide yoga equipment, so you don’t have to bring anything with you.
  • All clients are encouraged to complete the Health Form and have a Pre-retreat Call so that we can understand your goals and wants from the retreat.
  • We are not a venue, so are not responsible for the venue’s facilities. Queries about this will be directed to the host venue for the retreat.

retreat Terms and conditions


  • Non-refundable deposit on all retreats. 
  • You must purchase travel insurance to cover any cancellations or problems. 

Discounts for Value Exchange


Get a discount off our full price when you offer us something of value in exchange