How do I start?

Drop us an email or give us a call.  We can't wait to meet you!  

What if I have an injury?

If you have injuries or other physical limitations that cause you to be wary of starting movement with us, we can suggest several options to begin practicing in a way that is safe and effective. Pilates is great for rehabilitation after an injury because it teaches you to mindfully use your body in a slow, controlled movement form. Private 1-to-1 sessions can be arranged to properly assess your needs, challenges, and strengths. This is a great way to begin before taking general group sessions. We will be able to help you with your injury as best we can.  We offer various introductory offers for you to build confidence. 

However, we are not medical professionals and we will ask you to complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ) before you start with us, and if we consider that your needs require medical attention or a therapist, we can refer you to someone we consider appropriate.

What if I'm pregnant or recently had a baby?

We offer pregnancy and postnatal services for those during all stages of their pregnancy and after birth. 

Do I need to be flexible or strong?

Our aim at Omega Movement is to help you build strength and flexibility; so all levels of ability are welcome! Our movement sessions ultimately lead to an integrated blend of strength and flexibility that optimizes the potential of the human body, through connecting the mind to the physical body. Some beginner students find flexibility more of a challenge while others find the strength requirements more difficult; it depends on the person.  In the end, flexibility without strength is not useful and strength without flexibility is equally unhelpful, so the mastery of movement will often parallel the balancing of these complementary aspects.

What should I eat or drink before a session?

It is important not to exercise to soon after a heavy meal, so try to avoid big carbohydrate meals such as pasta for a couple of hours before a session.  If you're peckish, have a smoothie or piece of fruit an hour or so before the session.  Make sure you keep sufficiently hydrated by bringing water with you to the session. 


Pilates and yoga can be a positive addition to an overall weight loss program.  For a most effective weight loss program you need to burn more calories than you eat each day.  The easiest way to burn calories is a mixed exercise plan with some aerobic training coupled with strength training and eating a balanced diet.   

How much does it cost?

It depends on what you're looking for as to how we can work out a package bespoke for you.  Please contact us and we'll have a chat with you.  

How do I pick the right type of movement for me?

We have videos for you to see the difference types on movement. Come along to our community events, try a workshop in Hackney Wick or book a 'taster' session at your workplace.  Pilates and yoga sessions are provided privately and we will assess your needs and goals. Then we will recommend a plan with the type of movement you most need to achieve your goals and needs. 


Please read our terms and conditions carefully. These set out our policy on cancellations & changes.  The terms may vary slightly depending on the service that you are purchasing.  Group sessions booked online when cancelled early will keep the credit on your account for a month, if you wish for a refund please contact us

WHAT DO I WEAR to a session?

Anything you feel comfortable moving in.  All of our sessions are barefoot and we provide the mats & props. All you need to provide is comfy clothes, water and yourself.