What is Pilates?

Pilates is a low-impact exercise regime designed to strengthen, tone and control your muscular movements initiating from the core of the body.  You will develop awareness of posture, alignment and strength from the core. Pilates  uses low repetitions focusing on technique and correct breathing.   It was developed by Joseph Pilates focused on rehabilitation called 'Contrology', which we now call 'Pilates'.  Pilates looked to yoga, tai chi, self-defence, boxing, skiing and gymnastics to develop his system.  

At Omega Movement we think that Pilates is the handbook of to how to use your body in the safest and most effective way. Omega Movement's approach is to teach you strength through ease, you will leave our Pilates classes feeling calm, focused and able to move more fluidly.


  • Improved posture

  • More efficient movement

  • Injury prevention and faster recovery from injury

  • Core stability and strength

  • Better balance

  • Calmer and more focused mind

What Type of Pilates Do We Teach?

All our teachers are trained to teach STOTT Pilates® a modern day approach to Pilates.  It is anatomically based and updated with modern biomechanics, making it one of the safest and most effective schools of Pilates.  STOTT Pilates emphasises movement that more closely emulates the natural breath pattern, shoulder girdle stability, and working in a 'neutral spine' to produce the strongest spine.

Post-rehabilitation training is focused on specific areas affected by an injury or illness. Re-patterning movement sequences and building new neuromuscular pathways. 

Pregnancy Pilates designed for women in all stages of their pregnancy focused on mobilisation, strengthening pelvic stability and the upper back to feel good in you and prepare for the baby.  

Postnatal Pilates designed for mums to reconnect with their bodies and enjoy time with their newborn. 

Enjoy Pilates with any of the following services

At Home Bronze, Silver or Gold Packages

At Home online with Nid

On Retreat

At Work