Movement Connects

Get back into your body. Get fit. Get mind-body connected. 



  • Get your body fit (again)
  • Connect back to your body 
  • Feel grounded and more secure
  • Enjoy feeling well 
  • Be flexible, strong, balanced and mobile


  • Any level of fitness or skill
  • Any stage of your wellbeing journey
  • Pilates, yoga, fascia or functional fitness
  • You want to enjoy your body
  • You want more energy


Over 2 months with Nid you receive private online training:  

  • FREE 30 minute consultation to identify how Nid will help you & if we can work together
  • 4 hours pcm of live online private movement sessions
  • Movement form is agreed with Nid to meet you goals & needs 
  • Online workout sheet for you to review and follow
  • Videos of sessions to see your workout (recorded with Zoom)
  • Private online folder with all your files, videos and notes
  • 2 month program 

Your investment:

£520 for full program


Discounts for Value Exchange

If you don't feel you can afford the full stated price, you might be able to get a discount off our full price when you offer us something of value in exchange. Complete our form to make an offer. 

Why Nid created this Program

Heaven 3.jpg

“I notice so many people talk of mindfulness and seeking a spiritual path, but many are not sufficiently grounded to remain stable on the path. This program is to get you back into your body, but in a deeply connected way.

My unique eye transcends the online platform to see your breath and energy moving in your body. Your technique and complete connection will be monitored to ensure that you get the most out of this workout. 

It is weekly to really get you into shape. To plug back into this life and your bodily experiences with good energy, strength, flexibility and a smile."

Book your FREE initial consultation with Nid now to discover how she can help you.