What is Mentoring?

As part of our bespoke service we include working with you to agree your goals and needs. There may be times when your physical or meditation practices need a deeper review.  

We expertly guide you through to work with to develop a practice that empowers you to reach your goals without sacrificing your wellbeing. 

What types of Mentoring do we offer?

Our Yoga Therapy is provided with UK certified specialists in their field. 

Transformations and Post-Rehabilitation Programs are specialist coaching programs that address specific aspects of the body, mind, and soul changes that occur at such events in the life. 

All our mentoring services come with worksheets, notes and homework for you to do in between sessions! We empower you to be responsible to change your life!

Enjoy Mentoring with any of the following services

At Home Bronze, Silver or Gold Packages

At Home Transformation Program

At Home Post-Rehabilitation Program

At Home Yoga Therapy

On Retreat