Integral Business


Why Do this? 

  • To create your dream business whilst balancing your wellbeing
  • Get creative commercial solutions
  • Receive easy to follow template documents
  • Improve your relationships in business and the possibilities to collaborate with others
  • Keep your authenticity and integrity 
  • Get guided through simple steps so you can manage the growth of your business
  • Get intellectual property guidance and support from someone who worked in the high tech media and music industries

Who is it for? 

Everyone! Nid has worked with mindfulness and performance coaches, music producers and other wellbeing practitioners to develop their businesses successfully over the past 4 years. From her legal background Nid works well across technology businesses, media, music and other content providers alongside the wellbeing world. 

  • Wellbeing practitioner who needs a business development strategy
  • Create a retreat business - whether you wish to travel or build a physical place for people to come visit
  • Getting your s**t together - finances, insurance issues, software choices, website, social media set up, investment, or intellectual property rights

How it works?

Based on where you are in the development of your business, your goals and needs, Nid will provide an customised quote.  

Resources and tools are offered. Where appropriate Nid offers support via Omega Movement for you to trial options in your business. 

Get a FREE consultation

  • 1 x 20 minute call with Nid 
  • Quote is provided after call

Perhaps you are the stage before your business plan? Then try  the Transformation Program to get clear and intentional guidance to make the changes and live your dream!