Freedom Path Program

Get Light! Let Go of Old Habits! Be Free!



  • Get rid of bad habits that no longer serve you!
  • You identify what you want to let go
  • Feel lighter in life and mood
  • Get more space in your body and mind
  • Be free from what holds you back


  • You realised that you need more freedom
  • You are committed to making a change in your life
  • You want to take responsibility for your choices
  • You want to feel empowered 
  • You are ready to let go and move on


This structured program is coached with Nid to identify the changes you need to make, how to do it and structure your life in the way that makes it achievable for you.

  • FREE 30 minute consultation to identify how Nid will help you & if we can work together
  • 2 hours pcm mentoring through the step
  • 1 hour pcm your choice of Reiking healing, Tarot reading, Pilates, Yoga or Meditation
  • 1 x Group online sessions pcm 
  • Worksheets to guide you through each step
  • FREE meditations to support your path
  • Online folder with all your files and notes that is private from anyone else except Nid & you
  • 12 month program can be paid in installments

Your investment:

£3,600 for full program


Discounts for Value Exchange

If you don't feel you can afford the full stated price, you might be able to get a discount off our full price when you offer us something of value in exchange. Complete our form to make an offer. 

Why Nid created this Program

Heaven 3.jpg

“I used this structure to heal from my addiction to workaholism, which hid my life-long struggles with depression. 

My approach to working with you is one of deep connection to the universe.  Pragmatic, honest, open, and relaxed: I accept you where you are at and see you unconditionally for your inherent beauty. Through yoga's moral and ethical codes - the yamas and niyamas - we can logically and clearly see where your work is to heal. It is simple yet committed work to heal, but you are capable if you're williing. And your soul is willing!"

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