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  • Omega Movement Toronto Canada (map)

Join Nid with  Saida of The Wellness Refinery and Megan to celebrate the joy of aligned living! 

Over 3 half-day workshops during the week, we will share the following workshops. 

Dates: 14-19 August 2018

Venues: Toronto as specified below or TBC

Each workshop includes:

  • Half-day workshop (4 hours)
  • Raw vegan lunch included
  • Movement class (yoga, Pilates)
  • Meditation practice
  • Discussions
  • Goody bag

Energy + Motion = Aligned Emotion

Alignment is more than physical, it is about living a fulfilling life that brings out what makes you shine bright! This workshop will look at:

Lesson 1-web.jpg
  • Why we want to deepen the interoceptive relationship with your physical body to guide the mind.
  • How we have to retrain the mind with awareness to retrain physical issues, but without resetting the physical we cannot relive the energetic blocks manifested in the body.
  • Making this tonne of information bite-size to manage overload & actually make the change.

Date: Friday 17 August 2018

Venue: Toronto Island SUP

Making Decisions for Alignment

Decisions are among us all the time, in every moment of our lives. We live to make decisions and enjoy experiences, but it can be so exhausting when we are out of alignment. This workshop will look at how we can find the fun in making decisions through the joy in each of the following:

  • The Physical Posture Loop - change your posture to change your decisions
  • The Mind - the balance of logic and intuition in the mind
  • Food and Gut - how your food choices affect your decisions

Date: TBC

Venue: TBC

Discover Alignment Through Opposition

The foundations of life are breath, food & emotions. These govern our ability to find safety & security as living organisms. How can we harness these in the modern world to be free & enjoy what modernity has given us? This workshop will look at:

  • Breath to understand and control your fears & feel safe
  • How Yoga Nidra opposites work to enjoy emotions in authentic relationships that support us
  • What your food cravings are really telling you what you need

Date: TBC

Venue: TBC

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SAIDA of The Wellness Refinery

Saida is a passionate and dynamic Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Coach. She believes that the body has an innate ability to heal when we choose to listen, and is dedicated to inspiring and guiding others on their wellness journeys. She uses a multifaceted and uniquely tailored approach with each client, focusing on functional nutrition, intuitive nourishment, fitness, and mind-body awareness. Her personal experiences as well as extensive education in holistic nutrition, energy work, and personal training allow her to empower others to live a whole and beautiful life.  


Megan’s passion is helping people fall in love with food while making each meal a truly pleasurable experience. With her clients, she helps to heal their relationship with food and body by guiding them to trust their innate body wisdom and allowing them to step out of diet mentality. As a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Culinary Nutrition Expert, specializing in the psychology of eating, she develops personalized programs for her clients so that healthy living can be an easy and enjoyable journey.

instagram: @boholistic

NID of Omega Movement

Nid relishes in the discovery of everything in life! An online coach, teacher and healer she works at award-winning wellbeing retreats using all her incarnations as a reiki healer, massage therapist and coach alongside teacher of yoga, pilates and mind-body fitness. Through her writing she shares lessons of conscious awareness to manifest the life you want through body, mind and soul to live in joy and alignment with our true Self.

Earlier Event: 1 August
A Little Greek Getaway
Later Event: 20 August
Omega Movement, Hawaii