Discounts for Value Exchange

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All our services welcome applications for our Discounts with Value Exchange. This means that we consider a reduction in our standard fees in exchange for you offering us a valuable service in return. 

What is 'value exchange'?

Before money humans exchanged in barters. At Omega Movement we believe that value isn't always monetary. If you can't afford our standard fees we will exchange a portion of our fees in return for you giving us some value in return. Common examples are marketing or admin support, but we are open to your skills and creativity!

How to get the discount?

Complete the form stating:

  • Which package/ program you want,
  • Specify how much you can afford,
  • Tell us why you cannot afford the full price,
  • Offer what you will give us for value exchange in return for the discount. 

We will review your offer and respond. 

If you are unsure about which Package or Program will suit you, complete the form with what wellbeing you seek.