At Your Home

We work with you to understand your needs and to select one or more of the modalities below to meet them. We can offer private sessions as your home or at a rented space.  We offer 'OM Complete' pricing packs that allow for personal private classes and personalised films for you to use, independently between sessions. See details below.


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Omega 'Movement' teaches movement in a mind-body approach: Awareness to our physical body and it's relationship with our mind. We teach this through your preferred movement modality: Pilates, Yoga, Functional Training and more.  Our most popular pack is the 10 Privates, but we can be flexible. Sessions can be for you alone or with friends. 



Work with a OM Professional to improve your goals - performance, relationships, emotional healing.  The OM Professional may be a coach, mentor, guru or teacher (whatever you wish to call them), but they will help to identify those fears, blocks or challenges in your life and identify how to free them, so you can achieve your full potential and live fearlessly. Sessions can be via Skype or in person. 

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 An Omega 'Massage' can be physical such as  a deep or soft tissue massage or the massage of energetic healing through other holistic techniques like Reiki. Whichever technique you choose, the goal is to aid the movement of fluids like lymph and energy throughout your body.  The release of tension in the body and mind can provide better quality sleep. 

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Sometimes we need some downtime to allow ourselves to work through the layers of subconscious and unconscious thoughts that cause stress, anxiety or fear. Or maybe you just want to feel more creative and alive. Meditation can help us retrain our minds to improve our body and life. Following a 20-30 minute consultation we will develop a meditation practice specifically to address you goals and needs. You will be provided with a download of the recording to practice in your own time. 

How it works

  1. Contact us: Set up your free consultation with us.
  2. Consultation:  You explain your goals and needs. We will determine  how we can help you & create a pack for you. 
  3. Contract: Agree your pack and the terms you and Omega Movement Professionals shall commit to.  Time frames are agreed to review.
  4. Move! You get working on meeting the terms with the Professional(s).
  5. Check In: We review together your OM Complete pack and any changes needed to meet the contract. 
  6. Conclude: Your OM Complete Pack may end as contracted. If you're content then we break, or you may review the contract to continue. You can come back any time you need our support!

Why do it? 

  • Personalised to your goals
  • 10-20 minute videos or recordings are manageable in a busy life
  • The cues are relevant to your practice
  • The OM Professional's voice is there to support and motivate you
  • You don't have to watch yourself, but the video may show you how to adjust to improve


You GET: 2 PRIVATE Movement + PERSONALISED film £130

If you're a new client to us then this is the pack for you.

Session 1 - we agree your goals and needs, then run through some movements to see how you move. 

Session 2 - you  do your 15-20 minute personalised routine & then we do it again - filming you live! Your OM Professional will cue for you. 

Film -  practice your video in your own time. 

Bespoke PACK

Create your own: Select number of PRIVATe movement +massage + meditations +  PERSONALISED film + personalised audio £variable

Tailor a pack to suit you. Choose your number of Movement, Massage, Meditations and Mentoring and the number of films/audito that suit you. 

Film/s - Choose the number of films you want and we can update your sequence and film accordingly. Practice your film/s in your own time. 


you get: 10 PRIVATE movement + PERSONALISED film £600

Whether new or existing clients, if you book a 10 pack of privates we will give you a personalised film to practice between seeing your OM Professional.

Depending on whether you're new or existing will depend on whether your personalised routine is created during session 1 or 2. 

 We agree your goals and needs, create your 15-20 minute personalised routine & then we do it again - filming you live! Your OM Professional will cue for you. 

Film -  practice your video in your own time. 

We believe everyone should join the movement so will create  a pack designed for you and your goals!