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How to Manage Arthritis

Arthritis has over 100 types but there are some common care approaches in nutrition, movement and emotional work that can help manage the pain it causes. Enjoy the recipes, workouts and tips shared in this blog post to help mitigate future pain.

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5 Walking Meditations at Work

Walking meditations are a supportive way to come into the present, calm the mind, refocus attention and become aware of physical needs of the body. They can also encourage gratitude in the environment surrounding the moment. Check out our 5 tips for meditation walking that can be done anywhere.

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How to Build Resilience at Work

Resilience at work has become an increasingly desirable characteristic and spoken about more openly in offices. Omega Movement teaches many aspects of resilience so here are five simple steps to help build resilience and the benefits are beyond improved workplace performance.

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Nutritious Snacking at Work

Snacking at work can really hold back the progress of good nutrition. Here are 3 rules for healthy snacking at work to encourage brain food, balanced nutrition and good portion sizing.

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Molly's Client Stories

Molly works alongside Nid to run Omega Movement & is a yoga therapist & yoga teacher based in London.

She teaches Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Restorative, Meditation and Hatha Yoga & unique & varied combinations of the all of the above. She also teach therapeutic workshops and classes to target specific issues, like Yoga for Stress & Anxiety.

Here are some of Molly’s yoga client stories explaining the benefits they have experienced from yoga therapy.

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What is Mindfulness or Meditation?

What is meditation? What is mindfulness? A simple summary of the types of practices and their benefits to help direct you to what might support you best. Plenty of resources and tools for you to try and see if something might work for you.

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Healing Hamstrings

Hamstrings bother most people for the tightness, but it is not the muscles alone that impact into the low back, it is the fascia. Hamstring tightness has primal emotional impact in the mind-body relationship. We share some balanced movement practices and meditation to help heal hamstrings.

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How to Spend Time with Friends

Nid shares 5 ways to invest in your friendships for deeper and more meaning connections, and a more fulfilling life.

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