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Taking Medicines for Mental Health

Mental health and medication - to take it or not? There are so many ‘professional’ opinions from Western and holistic practitioners, but what is best? Your intuition will guide you to your life path and the choices to make along the way. Nid shares her experiences and observations to maybe give you some alternative perspectives.

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Reflections and My Story for 2018

Reflections and self-growth as the stories that we tell ourselves to change the journey that we have travelled in life. Sometimes we have to heal from stories we do not consciously recall to become aware of the hero that we have become. Read this story to see how your own story can unfold.

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Client stories about Nid

Omega Movement was founded by Nid to share multi-disciplinary approaches to wellbeing as it is part of the journey of life. Here are some stories from Nid’s clients about how she works and what they have found of most value from physical alignment, breathwork, yoga nidra, energy healing and intuition development. Discover how Nid can support you.

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