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Into the Well Yoga Nidra

The hero’s journey of going inwards can feel that it might be full of many scary things. This yoga nidra provides a container for the beginning of such an journey. Discover what inner depths and gifts are hiding beyond the light with this loving practice.

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The Divine Seedling Yoga Nidra

This integrative yoga nidra begins the journey of planting a seed for future dreams and desires. Blended from Shamanic journeys with Satyananda approach to sensations, this lovely practice allows you to cultivate a positive future using law of attraction with imagery and nature. This makes it a grounding practice that can balance energies of all chakras.

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11 Steps to manage insomnia    

Sleep is a key component for good mental health and overall wellbeing. Here are 11 ways to improve your sleep and feel better in your mood, physical fitness and performance every day.

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