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Giving Up Alcohol

If you have thought or tried to drink less alcohol then you are not alone. Discover some benefits, motivations and how to approach the social challenges of giving up alcohol with Omega Movement’s Nid Ra’s personal story.

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Attract Your Wishes for 2019

Why should you use Law of Attraction in your life? Simply, because it is about a positive mindset, clarity of what you want and being grateful. These are all fabulous skills to develop if you wish to live a happy, fulfilling and joyful life. Discover the benefits of using Nid’s 6 steps and a bit more here.

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The Inner Rebel Ruining your Relationship with Food

Your inner rebel can be of great use when you are defining who you are, but can also cause havoc on your health and happiness. Omega Movement’s new team member and resident nutritionist, Megan, shares how she used her inner rebel to create a balanced relationship with food and can help you with your relationship too.

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