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Growing Your Wings: The Serratus Anterior muscle

Omega Movement’s holisitic approach to muscle function is to review the anatomy, biomechanics, fascial lines, nerves and energetics as a full part of life. The serratus anterior muscle affects chest position, shoulder comfort and head position, in energy terms this is the heart and throat chakras. Training these muscles to be mobile and strong is to be flexible in love yet care for your own boundaries. Discover more about how to train these muscles for a more balanced life.

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How to approach new beginnings

When you move country for a new life, do you recreate your old life or start anew? Here are some simple tips on beginning a new life in another country to get the most of a fresh energy and life.

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Using mini-stability balls to improve proprioception

Discover why it is important to train proprioception and how the Pilates mini stability ball can be a great little prop to do this with. Cheap and easy to travel with you can improve balance, co-ordination, sensory awareness, hypermobility issues and laugh at the same time.

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