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The Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness holds pain in the body, mind and energy. At Omega Movement we encourage forgiveness at all levels of experience because we understand that it creates space. From this space anything can happen and the possibilities of a more joyful life arrive. Discover some simple steps on how you can forgive and find more of what you want in life.

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The Inner Rebel Ruining your Relationship with Food

Your inner rebel can be of great use when you are defining who you are, but can also cause havoc on your health and happiness. Omega Movement’s new team member and resident nutritionist, Megan, shares how she used her inner rebel to create a balanced relationship with food and can help you with your relationship too.

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Exploring the Elements: Fire

Fire transforms matter from one state to another. It releases, destroys and passionately excites for something new. Here are a few perspectives on fire from Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Vedic and Greek mythology to help you cultivate your relationship with fire in your life.

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