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Client stories about Nid

Omega Movement was founded by Nid to share multi-disciplinary approaches to wellbeing as it is part of the journey of life. Here are some stories from Nid’s clients about how she works and what they have found of most value from physical alignment, breathwork, yoga nidra, energy healing and intuition development. Discover how Nid can support you.

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Does having a home make you materialistic?

Conscious consumerism in the Western world requires the balance of three different constructs - Buddhist non-attachment, Yogic moderation or brahmacharya and Western ideals of home ownership. Here are some simple considerations to balance in those fret purchasing moments.

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Why it's good to be an intuitive

Intuition is a natural development from mindfulness. Discover some of the benefits to deepening your intuition for building trust in your life choices, challenging your personal growth in a healthy way and balanced wellbeing.

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