Sit To Be Fit Workshop

Omega Movement's workplace wellbeing workshops are popular for company's in London and around the UK. Our most popular workshop is the 'Sit to be Fit' workshop that is presented with 2 of our professionals and tailored to each of our client's needs - duration, venue space, numbers of attendees and type of company with its ethos considered.  

Workshop Structure

The workshop takes the group through an informative discussion. The presenters discuss and encourage the group to share how they sit and what moves people like to do in their chairs. Whilst explaining basic anatomical principles you learn exercises for each part of the body from feet to head. 

Because fitness is not just physical the workshop includes exercises for the mind and emotions. Everyone gets to explore breathing to focus and breathing to calm as part of a way to reset our busy days. 

Exercises You Might Learn

Every workshop is different and we cannot guarantee what moves will apply to your workplace. However, we always enjoy teaching the following:

Molly chair BW.jpg


In and Out of your chair. Instead of moving your chair back to get up, try to lift from the sides of your hips. Keep your hands off the table!

If you observe children and traditional cultures they squat all the time. This is an important shape for healthy bowel function and stomach health. 


  • Make sure that the feet plant into the floor when you move
  • Drive up from your heels to stand up
  • Knees over middle toes as you do it to protect your knees
  • Try to widen your sit bones, but pull your low navel into your spine
  • Hands behind the head or under armpits is best for really working the core! 


The spine wants to move in all ranges of motion to keep healthy. Twists are a great tension reliever. Side bends do wonders to revive the tired mind!

Chair Yoga Seated Lumbar Side Bend.png
chair yoga - seated spinal twist.png


Humans were made to move! Key to any seated job is to 'be a fidget'! Keep moving with simple and small shapes. Reduce neck tension and increase blood flow to your brain with these simple moves.

Chair yoga - neck stretch.png
chair yoga - neck forward bend.png

Want to learn more? 

Some clients want to combine our workshops for a full day of activities and we love to do this!  

A favourite combination is "As Old As Your Spine" with “Sit to Be Fit” - These are a dynamic, fun with detailed knowledge of anatomy. More detailed anatomy of your posture and spinal health is combined with the Sit to be we Fit workshop. This is an upbeat and fun combination focused on physical body health that is tailored to the individuals in the group for their postural needs.

Another beautiful combination for our clients seeking calm is “The Art of Breathing” with "Zen Robots" - This a calming workshop combination that focuses on decreasing stress, improving focus and performance to become more resilient. The lecture aspect of Zen Robots 'brain' theory is broken up with the breathwork from the "Art of Breathing" to introduce the different ways the nervous system works to impact performance. This combination will require some presentation format e.g. slides/flipchart.  

Discover more of our co-taught workshops presented in a discussion format that is fun and light-hearted whilst leaving you more aware and connected to a happier you.

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