Settling into New Places

Every time I move location there is a period of settling. To allow my body to adjust to the climate, time zone, foods and people. I began to notice I am always very quiet during this period. I observe and watch others around me. This is grounding.

Physical Grounding

A physical connection of where is my body and what does it need in this new place? There is my personal space (can be a bed in a hostel dorm or entire bedroom), the building location and geographic place in situ. 


My Space : Unpack Your Bags

I like to unpack my things and layout 'my space'. Create my physical bubble around me with my energy. This can be items that are sentimental to you, for example cards, a blanket or teddy bear. Colours can really support creating a space, I love bright light blues so have a towel that I love to spread over my bed. 

Building Location : Be Nosey

Where is my space in relation to the remainder of the premises? I wander and nose about. Some people ask a lot of questions to find locations, but I prefer to wander quietly piecing together doors like a puzzle. Discover the short cuts and where things like to hide. This phase helps you uncover where you can hide for quiet time, get sunshine or stay dry from the rain.

Vital is how to get food and snacks. My tea habit means that I need to know about hot water and tea bags. I like a storage of nuts in my life so access to my own or an alternative makes me feel secure. Don't forget that good WiFi spots are vital too! 


Geographic Location : Go For A Walk

Perhaps you know where you are, but walking is what helps me orientate. I admit, I have a good sense of direction. Excluding the 3 years after my head injury, I can orientate myself fairly easily from a glance at a map. If you are not blessed with this internal GPS then a map is good and so is asking for guidance. I like to know where I can get supplies - nuts and good WiFi, plus it tells me a lot about a culture when I see people living their lives in the backstreets of where I am.  

Energy Clearing

My body is tired when I arrive. We often think of jet lag as sleep issues, but it is also stomach and energy. You need to clear what you travelled through space and time with, reset and be in your new energetic space.

TAKE A SHOWER.  Whether you need to or not, wash your hair. As you stand under the water ask:

"Please remove all that I carried with me, collected along my way or received in this time and space travel to it's owner, right time, place or space. Let me be cleansed, clean and clear for this new place."

Visualise it all washing down the drain. 

GET INTO YOUR BODY.  A short meditation that focuses on your body touching the earth will centre your mind and body to your current location. This short exercise can really help. 



DRINK WATER OR CLEANSING TEA.  Rehydrate so you can energise your body with water. It supports blood flow and releasing of toxins that you may have picked up on your travels. If you are in a cold climate then drink warm water or a cleansing tea like a nettle, peppermint, lemongrass, ginger or cinnamon. 


GET MOVING. If you can go for a walk as a priority. If not, mobilise the joints and stretch all your body in different ways. Something like our Morning Mobiliser workout for a great sequence to get your body back in balance.  Another blog post by Nid sets out a grounding yoga sequence you can do here

SET INTENTIONS.  If you work with energy you may wish to 'smudge' the your space. Nid wrote about this process here. However, if this is a bit hippie for you then perhaps just say an intention that works for you like:

"Universe, I ask for this space to be cleared and released of all energy that no longer serves to be present here. Release and transmute all energy that should be returned and freed from this space, place and time. May I bring new higher vibrations to this space with love and light."

EAT WELL. Good nutrient rich foods will help the body get clean and energised. If you can eat plant-based meals then this is best for you alongside a complex clean carbohydrate like quinoa, oats or wholemeal rice. Good snacks are bananas, cherries, goji berries and ginger in your foods to settle the tummy.