How to approach new beginnings

Blessed with a new beginning in my life, again, I am in the Northern Beaches near Sydney under a pile of admin – visa application, find a home in Sydney for now, get some current income, grow my business, oh and buy a house in Hawaii as my life-long dream. Well, perhaps I can let some of these things go. It is in my nature to overachieve.

Being a Master Manifestor

As the feeling of ‘being empty’ to receive my new life settled, I began to fill my days up with activities. I explore some classes, go for long walks along the beautiful coastlines and catch up on work from over 6 months ago.  I am filling my days and myself, but is this the right stuff?  

A person of action and once described by an interviewer for a lawyer role as “an overachiever”, one of my jokes for years is that I am “working on working less”. One evening I report to my partner about my ‘unproductive’ and he asks me “If this is you under-achieving can you make world peace when you are achieving?”

He has a point. I do not lack for ‘doing’ and this means I manifest much in my life. This does not mean it is always the ‘best’ thing for me. At this time I am transitioning and settling into a new life – what do I want to manifest here? What is this new dream life I wish to create?

You are responsible for what you create in your life. Be wise about what you decide to do with your time for that is what you will manifest.

The Value of Procrastination


Over a month into being here and I have not submitted my visa application. For the first time in my life I am ‘procrastinating’ – or am I? Usually I am hyper efficient and would have my application in during the first week of arrival, but I have not completed the paperwork and evidence. Why?

I need to digest this change. I need the space to approach this beginning from anew - a new Nid. My travels have healed much of my depression and negative mindset, but reintegration to a ‘city life’ brings up old behaviours, karma and beliefs. This speedy hyper-efficient, pre-emptive and organised person has learnt the value of a slower, moderate pace where less brings more.

It is time to practice what I have taught many on retreats and practised in the jungle. I am blessed not to ‘need’ to rush my situation. I have built a business that has sustained me and been flexible to my whims. I want to deliver online healing, retreats and workshops. I want to build a sustainable and environmentally ethical community - this was always one of Omega Movement’s core intentions, as the company is my enabler for living my dreams. None of this involves a visa to teach a yoga or Pilates class at a local studio. I take my time to digest this new energy and environment for making the best of this opportunity.

Procrastination affords me space to digest, mull and muse new ways of living. I am receiving new insights for new approaches to my life.

Stop worrying for future lack

Back to a city rent and income demands to live this lifestyle. I notice anxiety dreams and worries about income. My initial reaction is to pressure myself and Omega Movement to grow to meet my new lifestyle, or to rush the visa application to get a job that will pay. I look at clickfunnels to grow interest in the company and other online marketing tools. All make my skin crawl - this is not me. I want to deeply connect with people.

I have delicious foods and an amazing place to live. We have friends of such generous hearts that we are placed in a secure paradise. Yes, money is finite and I cannot live off this year’s saved income for long, but my worries of future lack only ruin my enjoyment of the present moment.

My friend and client asks me if I am ‘rich’ in a financial sense. I realise that I am rich in all things and do not need to worry for future money. It will always flow to me when I need it to, and it always has done. If I review the evidence of my life I know that I am always abundantly provided and safe. I have nothing to fear in this new life.

The universe has my back. I have full faith that I am always safe, secure and blessed.

Reversing what I attract


Instilled in me is the good Christian value of proving your worth, working hard to earn and not being greedy for money as there is not sufficient to share for us all. I must be always putting others first and give to others as you would want unto yourself.

Result = I struggle with self-worth and receiving abundance.

As a Law of Attraction practitioner I must set out the thoughts and emotions of what I intend to receive as though I am living it now - because the material world shows me that I am already living my dream! I already began this process over 3 years ago in London and it led me on this journey through the following steps:

1.     To be vulnerable and ask for help.

2.     Realise my worth in exchange for amazing retreat accommodations and meals.

3.     Acceptance that I am sufficient as I am. I do not need to prove myself as evidence misses the experience.

4.     Show appreciation, gratitude and unconditionality of all things.

5.     The magic in the mundane of all my life. In every moment.

I must reverse my approach to ‘doing’. I must enjoy ‘being’ and ask for that I never ‘dared’ to ask before. This includes no longer being happy with nothing, I want it all! I want to relish in the enjoyment of all I deserve and more than I could ask for, because I do not want to limit the joy and fulfilment coming my way.

Here is my wish:

I want to be filled with love to share with the world.

I want to be filled with health to hold space for all.

I want to be filled with happiness and laughter to shine light upon this world.

I want to feel deep profound connections with others and share our experiences of life.

I want to receive abundance of all the riches in the world so you can enjoy them with me.

I want to be peaceful,  free, expansive as united with my soul in this lifetime.


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