The Inner Rebel Ruining your Relationship with Food

Introducing Megan, a new member of the Omega Movement team, bringing nutritional coaching to you. Wanderlust, self-discovery and a huge heart Megan is a perfect fit for our wellbeing team.

Introducing herself with a huge open heart she shares her story about her inner rebellious side. Nid met her in Nicaragua and it was both of their ‘inner rebels’ that hit it off instantly.


No Willpower

Going into my 20’s I found myself lacking “willpower”. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t just control myself and stop myself from bingeing on foods that I knew were horrible for my body.

I felt like such a failure. Everyone knew me as “the healthy girl” but there I was bingeing on any junk food I could get my hands on. I remember emotionally beating myself up every day. I would tell myself “eating is suppose to be a natural, intuitive process for humans and here I am failing at it! Something so simple!”

Flash forward a few years and my relationship with food is quite different. 

I am now able to make all of my meals truly enjoyable, guilt-free, and packed with nutrients that make me feel great.

So how did I get here?

I identified the character within me that was making these poor choices. I wrote out the character traits that she had:

  • She didn’t like being told what to do. In fact she would do the complete opposite.

  • She was about 13 years old. A rebel without a cause.

  • She didn’t care about how her food choices were affecting her, as long as everyone around her knew that she couldn’t be controlled.

  • She knew how to make intelligent choices but purposefully chose not to.

This is who was showing up during meal times.

I decided I needed to take my focus off of controlling my food choices.

I needed to bring attention to this rebel inside me. I knew that I needed to confront her before I could ever make any changes with my eating habits.

megan sunset.JPG

I asked myself 3 questions to reflect on.

  1. How did this rebel mentality serve me in the past?

  2. How is this rebel within me no longer serving me?

  3. What can I do to put this 13 year old rebel in me to rest?

When I was younger and feeling as though I had no control, rebelling was my way of showing others how strong I really was.

Now, at the age of 23, it shows up as being stubborn and difficult to work with.

These traits do not serve me anymore. They don’t help me to achieve my highest goals or reach my greatest potential.

I had to learn to dissolve the other rebellious, 13 year old character traits that I was acting out in my daily life.

I had to learn to shift away from my stubborn attitude. 

I had to learn to be patient and reflect on my choices and their consequences.

I had to lose interest in the instant gratification certain foods would bring me. 

I did this through becoming present in each moment I felt myself “acting out” as a 13 year old rebel.

Megan’s take on joining Omega Movement

I met Nid in Nicaragua a few years ago and felt such an amazing connection with her. I could tell instantly that she had a bright, kind and loving heart. I am very excited to be collaborating with Omega Movement because I know their commitment to helping others comes from a place of love and joy above anything else. It is extremely important for me to work with those who are genuine, honest and loving people who are passionate about helping others live a more joyful life. Omega Movement is like a one-stop shop to find practitioners who serve a wide range of modalities and I am so happy to be on the team and learn from my wonderful peers.

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About Megan

Megan’s passion is helping people fall in love with food while making each meal a truly pleasurable experience. With her clients she helps to heal their relationship with food and body by guiding them to trust their innate body wisdom and inviting them to step out of diet mentality. Megan uses Ayurvedic nutritional techniques to guide her clients back into a state of balance with their health.

She is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner specialising in the psychology of eating. She develops personalised programs for her clients so that healthy living can be effortless and enjoyable.