Meet Joy

Joy comes in many forms, but this one is Omega Movement’s latest team member. An intuitive massage therapist based in London, UK, we are honoured to welcome Joy to our holistic wellbeing team and offer massage to our clients in London, UK.  

Nid met Joy during their Raynor Massage training in London, and Nid was amazed by Joy’s intuitive ability to find those hidden pockets of blocked energy. As Nid has massaged worldwide and found many love the holistic deep release technique of Raynor Massage, we are so pleased to offer another skilled practitioner to our team.

Who is Joy?

A sweet-natured soul of gentle kindness, Joy suits Omega Movement’s holistic approach to wellbeing. Her unimposing demeanour will enables you to relax and shed the load when she welcomes you into her beautiful Shoreditch space. A quiet eye that watches and observes your movements for muscular tension, Joy will consider your entire system before she places her hands on you.

 Like all of us, Joy finds the city life hectic. Her journey to discover peace and quiet, which she can offer to others is a blessing for our clients in London. We are so pleased that her space is also available for some of our yoga therapy sessions with Molly too.

Joy has a natural balance of theoretical knowledge and empathic intuition when approaching her clients. Humble and unassuming, she understands that you know your body. She will respect the pressure you request and what is comfortable for you in the moment. Her massage techniques include:

  1. ITEC Massage Diploma in the renowned London School of Massage where she received the foundation of her studies in understanding the human anatomy and physiology.

  2. Raynor Massage Diploma from Dave Taylor Massage School, famous for training therapists in "excavation" deep tissue techniques and empathic approach for the release of long-held emotional tension.

  3. Thai Table Massage that stretches and opens the body with the use of gentle movement and supportive acupressure points to release blocked tension.

  4. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage is a restorative native American practice. It is known for a very compassionate approach to massage that aids digestion, increasing energy and creating waves in the spine. It is likened to modern myofascial massage techniques in the lighter rolling touch on the body.

  5. Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is a part of the traditional Ayurvedic process and working with the chakras of the energy body. Oils are blended according to the client’s dosha (constitution) and presenting imbalances. The process ends with the head to open the crown chakra to the universal connection of love.

    Many of our clients have experienced Nid’s therapeutic Raynor Massage and asked for UK therapists. We are so pleased that Joy offers this style and much more.


What Joy offers for Omega Movement

Incorporating all of her training and experience, Joy brings a beautiful fusion of deep and soothing flow back into your body, mind and spirit. She blends essential oils to suit each client’s constitution for that moment.  

The treatment begins with grounding through the soles of the feet with firm yet gentle pressure. Slow and firm rocking movements work up the legs to lull the body and mind into a state of trance. Once relaxed, the gliding movements sweep along energy lines to raise the energy level throughout the body. Once in a higher vibrational state, the deep excavation is performed at tension using acupressure and assisted stretches. Gentle unlocking of physical, mental and emotional restrictions enable the deep state of relaxation. The treatment ends with a bliss-inducing head and face massage

The treatments are available in 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 2 hours. Each is adapted to the client’s needs.

Her beautiful space in Shoreditch is convenient, soothing and calming to enjoy.

Enjoy a session with Joy and treat yourself to the nourishment you deserve!