Intuition Meditation

Life is all about choices. How we all deal with choices varies from moment to moment, but what we can all share is that they can be scary - is it the right decision? 

Our guided meditation supports decision-making. As you practice it more often it will help you find how to make decisions more quickly and in alignment with your true nature. 


Logical Reasoning vs Intuitive Guidance 

In the modern Western world we value logical thought over intuitive guidance.  How often do you just have a gut feeling that it is not quite right, but logically your proceed as that is the apparent 'right' outcome? 

INTUITION is an ability to know or understand something immediately based on feelings rather than facts.  No wonder we don't like it in our modern scientifically focused world - so fuzzy and unquantifiable. 

LOGICAL REASONING is the "process process of using a rational, systematic series of steps based on sound mathematical procedures and given statements to arrive at a conclusion."


How we use logic to justify our decisions


As a lawyer I worked a great deal with logical reasoning. I discovered that you could play with logical reasoning in any way you choose to debate an issue - so nothing is right or wrong.  I realised that I could always play devil's advocate with my own reasoning for a decision. This is logic - it is a game of the ego. The ego wants to keep us limited and small minded in this lifetime, it is full of fear that restricts us like little mice. 

For example, I visited Hawaii in 2005 and instantly knew it was my heart's home. Logically I could not find work there in the field of law I enjoyed, so I rationalised that I could retire there after my legal career. I would be able to save the money to retire and have the career I desired. I rationalised a sensible Westerner life plan. But I hated living in London, my marriage suffered and I was in an unhealthy cycle of drink, overworking and bouts of anxiety with depression. The logical plan was not making me happy, but it met my apparent needs and wants. The choice to leave my life in England with little security or savings was illogical, but I have never been happier and felt my life is more abundant, and I know Hawaii is coming very soon! 



Science Values Intuition

Belly flower.jpg

There is increasing scientific evidence* to establish that our intuition acts faster than our logical minds. This is deeply connected to our gut biome or 'gut feelings' via the hippocampus. These feelings are generated by a faster sensory reading of our environment and send deep physical sensory reactions within our body to say yes or no, or not sure.

It is also why digestive health issues are a major issue to be addressed with health concerns. Many Functional Medicine Practitioners focus on diet to heal health issues to speed up healing journeys. 

Simply put...if your gut health is unhappy then you are unhappy! 

When we are living busy lives in cities of many people, with many options for things to do and time demands it is easy to lose touch with the messages our bodies receive, process and give back to us. We misunderstand pain signals from injuries, food and relationships that cause further issues down the line. 


Benefits of Intuition

  1. 'True' guidance of what is the decision best for you
  2. Understand the communications from your body in sensory language (proprioception)
  3. Quicker decision making
  4. Builds self-confidence and self-esteem
  5. Become more open to new ideas and solutions

How to do it?

Listen to our meditation! Haha! 

  1. Slow down and connect with your breath for 10 cycles.
  2. Then ask "What does YES! feel like in me?"
  3. Notice the sensations around your entire body from your feet to head. The emotions and physical changes happening around your body. Engrain the sensations and commit them to your memory.
  4. Then ask "What does NO! feel like in me?"
  5. Notice the sensations around your entire body from your feet to head. The emotions and physical changes happening around your body. Engrain the sensations and commit them to your memory.
  6. Let it all go. Allow yourself to feel both yes and no together. Can you do it? That is peace! 

Try our Intuition Meditation to build the connection to your inner wisdom 

*Scientific Research on Intuition