Into the Well Yoga Nidra

Designed for beginners ready to create a container for further inner journey work this yoga nidra provides such a space. From this supported space the practice can begin to work through more layers of the mind to release old baggage and make space for wonderous possibilities.

Why the Well?

The well is a symbol of sacred and fundamental beliefs, old and new. It brings about associations with:

·      Water brings life, especially if it delivers clean water to hydrate and keep us alive.

·      What comes up from a well is unknown as to the potential possibilities of creativity.

·      A human made structure it connects to the skills of our own manifestation in life.

·      The structure delves deep into Earth and connects to Mother Earth the nourishing source for all life on this planet.

·      The darkness provides for gifts to appear from its own

·      A healthy community resource that connects all living near it.

·      Water cleanses and clears what is not needed and encourages a new start.

·      Reminds us of the contrast in life from light to dark

·      The bucket in the well is a reminder of the required determination, persistence and drive required to bring each to their own light from the darkness.

As always the yoga nidra contains important breathwork and oppositional work to help bring about the understanding of how we each create our own reality. To provide a space and time for perspective shifting into another light.

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