Set Intentions from Your Heart this Year

New Year and we have hopes for how we can transform our lives. We discuss New Year’s Resolutions and what are we going to do to achieve our goals. In yoga, we work with the concept of a ‘Sankalpa’.  This is discovering your inner deepest life purpose that drives your smaller short and mid-term resolutions to fulfil that larger purpose. Thus, we wish to realise our sankalpa for a meaningful life.  


Discover Your Heartfelt Mission

Traditional and modern approaches agree that your heartfelt mission is your life’s purpose that is to be realised in this life-time. The seed of your being that is planted at your birth and if nourished throughout life will flourish in all ways abundantly.


Satyananda’s approach is that your sankalpa is the uniting of your unconscious will power with your conscious actions in life. You allow the heartfelt mission to appear in a meditation rather than consciously decide.


Different schools of modern psychology support the concept with slightly differing names: Rod Striker’s Journey Into Self calls it the “Big Heart Big Mind” and Richard Miller’s iRest calls it the “Heartfelt Mission” focus on the heart as your guide to discover your inner Self.


Clarity of your heartfelt mission provides a path for selecting intentions that support manifesting your life’s purpose in your reality. To make choices that are right for you, keep you content and well.  


When I began yoga nidra I was very unwell. It was hard to imagine being healthy or fulfilling my life’s purpose. But when all in my life was gone – my career, home, marriage, health, intellectual abilities and finances – I knew that I was a kind person and that without all these things I could bring kindness to the world; a form of compassionate healing. Led from my heart without any aspects of my ego talking, this was my ‘Heartfelt Mission’.


Discover your heartfelt mission. Without any thought just write the first answer as it comes to you. Take 5 slow full breath cycles:

1.     If you were a seed what word would describe your essence?

2.     What are your core values?

3.     What themes recur in your life?

4.     What drives you to awaken each day?

Arrange the words in order of importance. Can you create a sentence from these words? Does this sentence resonate as simple pure truth? There is no judgment, it is just what is for you.


Selecting Your Intention Words

A goal we perceive as something that we work towards for the future. It is not something that we are living in the present moment. This perpetuates the cycle of want and not having, where we feel ‘lack’ in our life.


It is through the contrast of what we do not want that we know what we want. We must welcome the opposite feelings that live within us. This means that we must work out the opposite feelings to our intentions as they are what may be holding us back. This negativity is natural from evolution, but not necessary in our modern world. We must acknowledge the negative and turn it into a positive.


Law of Attraction is clear that what we say is what we create in our lives. Your positive word must resonate as truthful when you say it to yourself. If you reserve it for the future, then you never get to experience it now. You are sending a lack energy out when you hold it for the future.


Your intention must be for the now, to live and feel your dreams in the present moment.  Choose positive words that you can believe and feel pleasure in saying to yourself in the now.


When I was unwell it was hard to imagine a life that did not feel pain. I chose “I am healthy, healed and whole” as this was sufficiently general to feel positive as I said it.


Creating Your Intention

An intention is the mid-term steps to fulfil your heartfelt mission. They keep you on course so you can accomplish your life’s purpose and can live in joy. Select what supports living your heartfelt mission for the next 6 to 12 months to harness a particular outcome.

Select your mid-term intention. Without any thought just write the first answer as it comes to you. Take 5 slow full breath cycles:

(1)  What choices can I make that will open me with easeful stability into living my heartfelt mission further right now?  

(2)  Create two columns:

Write down your positive choices in 1 column and the negative opposites.

Create a short, concise statement in the present tense of your intention from these words. Adjust it until you can say it with honesty, clarity and true feeling.

We often repeat patterns of choices that create a cycle of suffering. Mine was doing too much that incurred migraines. The shift came from the intention “I release what no longer serves me and have space for what I am”.



How to Use Intentions

It is about changing our habits of thought, feeling and action. When you come from your intention you are deepening trust and confidence in it. The more you affirm it the greater it embeds into all aspects of your Being, and it will manifest.


Choose situations when you wish to repeat your intention daily. If you have a daily yoga nidra, meditation and yoga practice, then this is a simple time to include it. Or you can include it at trigger situations, for example when a thought or behaviour happens in your day.


To recall your intention consciously in the moment of choice, repeat that intention in the present affirms your existence of it. It supports your heartfelt desire to choose your intention and live a fulfilled life.


I use my intention in my daily practice. At the end of my day. When I notice a low mood or that I am creating judgments. I take a deep breath and feel into my intention. I am connected back to my larger heartfelt mission.


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