Get Healthy Habits for 2019

Have you ever signed up for a gym membership & then not gone? 

Have you ever registered for online subscriptions only not to use them? 

Do you tend to start the year with the intention to up your exercise only to not see it through?

Do you have health challenges or injuries that need required tailored practices? 

We feel your pain and we can help with our…

Healthy Habit Packs

Receive a personalised yoga, Pilates or functional fitness sequence/ sequences, designed just for you. Plus, live online sessions with your teacher to make sure you actually practice! 

It takes 6 weeks to create a new habit so these Healthy Habit packs are 6 weeks long so you get into a healthy habit at the start of 2019.

Choose from Pilates, yoga or functional movement with Nid or yoga with Molly.

Benefits of working this way include:

  • Feel fit in your body, mind and soul for 2019

  • Be motivated and inspired by your personal teacher

  • Improve your technique and alignment

  • See the visible progress in your chosen movement form

  • Focus the mind for better wellbeing

  • Balance the breath for a calmer life

  • Celebrate your body and what it gives you

  • Be accountable and disciplined to yourself

  • Feel empowered and confident of your own personal practice

  • Compassionate connection with your teacher

Other benefits are:

  • Your own filmed sequence(s), tailored to your goals and designed just for you, so your 2019 will begin ‘aligned’.

  • If you can't get to a class it is important to have someone check your technique and alignment. 

  • Motivation, support and connection are vital to humans and this is what your teacher provides. 

  • Practices are 20-30 minutes in duration, so that they fit more easily into your day. 

How it Works? 

There are two options for this pack depending to suit different ways to embed a habit.

Conscious Changer

This is six practices in total, a new one each week throughout the program.

Be conscious of the changes and how your practice evolves to reflect this each week for the program. This pack is great if you have an established movement practice and want to deepen your self-inquiry in movement practices.

Benefits of this approach:

Variety trains the mind-body for resilience and flexibility with new connections for better memory and reduce the likelihood of overuse musculoskeletal injuries.  

What you get:

START with 1 x 30 min online consultation to agree your intentions & past barriers

PROVIDED with 6 x personalised 30 minute yoga or Pilates sequences, that progress & evolve with you 

WEEKLY live 30 minute sessions in which you do your sequences (a new one each week) with Nid or Molly: 

a) 1 session a week for £285 (£20 for each of your personalised sequences & £25 per online session) 

b) 2 sessions week for £220 (£20 for each of your personalised sequences & £16.70 per online session)

Repetition Ritual

Designed for those new to exercise, Pilates or yoga, or need support to keep a routine.

This is one practice for the entire 6 weeks, so you are learning to see the journey of your progress with a consistent practice. . 

Benefits of this approach:

Research shows routine is very helpful with insomnia, ADHD, bipolar disorder and alleviates anxiety.

Repetition takes less brain space and this allows the brain more space for creativity and problem solving to arise naturally.

What you get:

START with 1 x 30 min online consultation to agree your intentions & past barriers

PROVIDED with 1 x personalised 30 minute yoga or Pilates sequence for the 6 weeks in video + written format

TRAIN weekly for 6 weeks with live 30 minute sessions in which you do your sequence with Nid or Molly: 

a) 1 x week for £150 (£25 per session - cheaper than a group reformer class in London) 

b) 2 x week for £200 (£16.70 - cheaper than the cheaper group yoga classes in London)


Buy for you + a friend and receive a free extra 30 mins session for you!

Sign up before 7th January 2019

How do the Healthy Habit packs differ from Omega Movement’s usual programs? 

Our therapeutic approach means that we often change and adapt sessions with clients according to their energetic needs, it is fluid and always changing to deepen conscious awareness of responding to life. We recognise that this deeply personalised work can seem expensive or too indulgent for many.

We designed these packs to provide our personalised training at an affordable rate, without burning ourselves out! They are limited time offer only to encourage a positive change for 2019 to more people that we can serve. Spread the word and help more people that you care about too!