2 Steps to Get to Know You

Busy cities, overpopulation, digital living and stimulation mean that it is easy to lose your alignment to the energy of other things around you. How do you know YOU in amongst the midst? Here are some ways to keep aligned to you. 


To create your own space is vital to have somewhere that you know is dedicated to you and you alone. An altar to you can be as simple as a picture or memento. However, the more you put into your altar the more you are encouraging yourself to expand into you. 

This is for you to “Come back to you”.

It connects you to what you love and fills you up.

Create a space to centre. Focus on space for you. Dedicate it as where you check-in to you.


Your altar should contain something of each element in the following order (if possible):

WIND = feather/ incense / your intention

FIRE  = candle to burn

WATER = in vessel to cleanse & clear

EARTH = soil or rock/ stone

ETHER = space around the altar

IMAGES = things that inspire you or you love

When I travel a lot, I use my chakra bracelet at the end of my yoga mat as my altar. I can wear my chakra bracelet to always remind me to check-in to myself when I am on transport or with others. This brings me back to my centre and body, to the moment. 


Habits consciously created become unconscious. From here we can study our changes and shifts to keep alignment with what makes us happy. They can be short and interspersed between activities, or a solid chunk of time. 

Why create a ritual in your day? 

  • To know your own alignment and what is your emotion or thoughts that day. 
  • What mood are you in today? Take steps to care for you today. 
  • Be aware of feelings in your body and any movements for the day. 
  • Set your boundaries for the day that will care for you. 
  • Grounds and centres you. 


Example for Mornings

You can take 5 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on what time you have and how long you need to integrate into your body. If you aren't a morning person then this is a longer timeframe to allow your mind and body to assimilate together from sleep. Each day try to include aspects of:

  • Gentle movement sequence
  • Pranayama/ Breathwork
  • Meditation practice
  • Journal - e.g. aspect of intention to explore for the day
  • Set an intention for the day

Example for Evenings

  • Switch off from work activity e.g. standing movement focused on legs & hips to ground you
  • Wind down 90 minutes before bed with dimmer lights, quieter music and gentle activities
  • Last 10 minutes before bed - meditate or read
  • Sleep routine - body scan and compare to morning sensations
  • Set your intention for sleep - release your day & ask your dreams to solve your problem of that day

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