The Dragon's Journey Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra is about accessing all levels of the Conscious, the unconscious and the subconscious minds. This month’s yoga nidra has been designed with two intentions:

  1. to help clear and release the layers the subconscious and unconscious after a childhood trauma or challenging situation, and
  2. to help awaken your deeper inner will to live a purposeful life.

A safe place in yoga nidra

The introduction to this practice is the same as normal but it is important to take the time to establish your safe place. As this practice confronts a challenging situation you may have experienced in your life it can stir up very difficult emotions. You must prepare for this practice with other yoga nidras and your safe place practice.

Tips to help you with practising your safe place are:

  • Think of a time, person or place that happened in your life when you felt safe, loved and secure. 
  • If you do not have a moment or person, then imagine a place or person. 
  • Take the time to feel the sensations and emotions of safety and security. Strongly embed these feelings in your body as a lived experience. 
  • Prompt for quick access to this safe place will really help. Have an image, word or body part that prompts you quickly into your safe place. 
  • Practice at least twice daily going to your safe place with the prompt to ensure that it is quick, familiar and easy to support you.  


The opposite sensations practice

The dragon’s journey yoga nidra comprises of two opposite sensation practices.  The first is one of hot and cold. This is a physical sensation practice that is accessible for most people.  It supports the visualisation later in the practice and provides a foundation of security in the symbolic prompts.

The second opposite sensation practice is one of age.  Often age is associated with issues and challenges: either when young the impatience of desiring experiences, or when older and feelings of less energy and freedom can arise. Ultimately, both can be a feeling of less freedom and can be aspects of the same emotions from another perspective.  

The opposite ages may bring up different emotions and challenges for you and your associations with age and time.   Try to witness the experience of what sensations arise for you in this practice and be open to their differences without any judgement. This part of the practice is to help clear and balance perceptions of age and the stories that are created by the mind at different times in life.

The dragon's visualisation journey

Nid’s yoga nidras often have a shamanic element to them at the visualisation journey stage.  This yoga nidra has been developed to provide the broad release of past stories to build the strength of willpower.  Often childhood stories maintain a presence that influences daily choices and underlying this yoga nidra is the structure to release these stories.

The Dragon is a mystical creature that is perceived to see everything.  It’s eyes are watchful of how the inner and outer worlds are navigated through life. To connect to the dragon is a bond with a great friend that can carry with ease through the sky. To awaken the Dragon is to enliven your courage, vision and ability to drop into witness consciousness.   

The fire of the Dragon connects to the fire element and the power of transformation.  Often fire is connected to your solar plexus chakra - the seat of your sacred intelligence, will,  and your guide to making choices and decisions. When you let go and surrender to this wisdom it clears your vision to see the beauty around you and guides you through the most difficult terrain.

The final aspect of this visualisation practice is to change perceptions of life experiences. To empower you with the choice to change the story, as though it was an experience accepted with loving kindness. That in all experiences that can be growth and wonder.   

Guidance notes

This may be a challenging practice of yoga nidra and not to be entered lightly by a beginner. This practice is recommended for an intermediate yoga nidra practitioner as it may bring up triggers and strong emotions.  Please only undertake when you have rapid access to your Safe Space and have a good clear intention or Sankalpa that you have been working with for some time.

If you are a beginner try one of our earlier yoga nidras here

Please contact us if you have any questions I need support about this practice.  Remember that we provide bespoke yoga nidra practices help and support our clients through changes in their life.  If you seek something specific in your life, please contact us.

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