Body Sensation Scan Meditation

  • The Body Scan meditation connects us more closely with the whole spectrum of physical sensations that occur throughout the body every moment. 

  • It’s a key tool of mindfulness meditation. By focussing our attention on tangible physical sensations as they occur we can anchor the mind in the present moment. The body is always present - it’s the mind that tends to wander to the past or fret about the future. 

  • It assists practitioners in enhancing body awareness and helps people to identify & then release tension held in different parts of the body - in this way is promotes relaxation & rejuvenation.  

  • Usually done lying down in a comfortable & symmetrical shape (like Savasana) practitioners are guided sense each part of the body in turn and to feel those sensations with compassion & without judgement or comment. This can help practitioners build a more kind & appreciative connection to the body. 

  • It helps practitioners cultivate embodied awareness where they actually become the body, rather than thinking or conceptualising about the body; and enhances interoception (awareness of inner bodily sensations & messages from organs such as pain, hunger, thirst…) and propreoception (awareness of how our body is positioned relative to the space we’re in & proximity to objects & other people)

  • Closer connection to our sensations & feelings allows us to get better at interpreting the messages our body is communicating to us all the time. It also might assist in greater awareness of emotions when they arise. 

  • Practice of body scan meditations (either at the end of a physical practice - like in Savasana after a yoga class or practiced on it’s own) has been found to help reduce stress and to decrease physical discomfort and pain. 

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