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The Inner Rebel Ruining your Relationship with Food

Your inner rebel can be of great use when you are defining who you are, but can also cause havoc on your health and happiness. Omega Movement’s new team member and resident nutritionist, Megan, shares how she used her inner rebel to create a balanced relationship with food and can help you with your relationship too.

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The Planning Predicament of Life

Life plans are great when they come from the right place. But how often do you plan from a place of worry, anxiety or lack? Nid explores the journey through the chakras when planning, how it can go wrong if the ego begins to take a hold, and how to course correct back into alignment.

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Support Low back pain

Low back pain plagues 80% of people in modern life. There are many causes of such pain so we compiled an idea of how it happens, what to do to manage the pain and how to prevent it in the future. Discover simple exercises to support your happy spine.

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