5 Discoveries from distance Reiki healing

I wanted to write about the quantum physics of Reiki healing to scientifically explain to those sceptics why they should try it out, but then I found myself procrastinating. As someone who does not procrastinate unless it is the wrong decision, I realised that what I wanted to share was some discoveries from Reiki healing that I have witnessed over my past 17 years of Reiki healing.

My Reiki healing story


I discovered Reiki healing in 2001 at a Sports Centre where my boss gave me a relaxing non-touch hour, it was weird to be honest because of him, but nice

In 2003, I discovered a wonderful healer, Neil Seligman, and his healing hands deeply moved me. His insights were clear about my ‘gifts’ but I was too ‘busy’ to delve into them. I left feeling balanced and calm after his healing sessions.

What we resist persists,”* and after my head injury I became hyper-sensitive – those ‘gifts’ from 2003 were coming to the forefront of my experience. I returned to Neil and he advised to ‘nurture’ myself and delve deeper. Our connection subtly uncovered my intuitive and energy healing gifts in daily life.

In early 2017 situated in Costa Rica I taught Janet Raftis, an energy healer from the USA. Some months later she provided me with my first distance energy healing - her in the USA and me in Greece. At an agreed time I relaxed somewhere for our agreed 50 minutes, and after she sent me a recording of the healing. The recordings were amazing because:

(i) Her word choice was so precise to my deeper knowing feelings that I knew this was accurate. I had not led her in any discussion.

(ii) She felt my energy change when someone walked into my room and disturbed me – the timing on the recording was the same as in real life.  Uncanny!

Providing massages at retreats had propelled my healing gifts rapidly and beyond strange experiences began happening to me. I requested guidance and was offered a Reiki level II practitioner training. There was huge momentum for me to become a Reiki healer and deepen my healing skills.   

I love to give Reiki healing. My client’s responses always amaze and yet confirm my experience that life is magical, and that energy really transcends time and space to heal.

*Carl Jung

Very Relaxing and Balancing

Fairly unanimous feedback is that the healing is “very relaxing” and “I felt very balanced afterwards”.

Some clients report energetic sensations to me which correspond to the work I had focused on for them during their session - see middle quote.

Sceptical? You can enjoy some relaxation time for yourself as you wait, but it is the healing recordings that take distance energy healing to the next level for me.  

Combined with my other skills like Pilates, yoga, nidras, meditation, and Law of Attraction, Reiki healing is a powerful progression tool. The client below used Reiki to focus his physical and meditation practices to make the shifts sought in his life.

The reiki was really helpful and listening to your recording is incredibly useful and insightful as well. I’m in love with #1. And that is ME! This is exactly what I need to focus on
— M.M.L.

Giving yourself time to relax, receive and refocus on you is a gift to yourself that you are always grateful to experience.

It can be a “bit creepy”

The world of the subtle energies and spirits contains aspects that can appear a little creepy to start. What we each perceive is generally within our comfort zone and to understand that we might not perceive much of what is ‘out there’ can be frightening.

orange quote.png

Highlights Transitions

Much of what I witness in the Reiki healing has little meaning to me, but to the client it resonates shifts in their life. My role is a vessel that tries to translate.

For example, in a distance healing I described an orange room that appeared to me mid-transition of the sacral and solar plexus chakras. My client emailed back the above quote.

A Reiki healing with me can be stand alone, but integrated into my other practices is where the weaving of your wellbeing web happens. For this client the journey deepened and strength developed to have trust that it is not always the individual’s sole responsibility to manage everything, the universe provides.

Being spooked can demonstrate a lack of trust and faith in yourself and universe.

Discovery of guiding spirits

In almost all Reiki healings many other energies will come into the space to support the healing. I may pass this on or not depending on if they have a message, and it seems appropriate. Some clients find this uncomfortable.

These ‘beings’ are supporters and I only invite those that want to guide the healing to the best life as they see for the soul being healed. This does not mean that they all agree! You might also feel resistance to the guidance.

It is ok if you are uncomfortable with this and it is ok not to listen to their messages (the lessons will wait for you). Be open to the types of communication that are perceived by others as we all have different antenna in our brains.

Welcome and be willing to receive love and support from the universe for your best life and wellbeing.


Receive Guidance to Manifest Your Dreams


Each Reiki healer has their own balance of gifts and guides that helps them with their healing techniques. One of mine is that I am guided by body movements, breathwork and meditation practices that will support physical manifestation changes in my client’s life. I incorporate these into the other training with my clients so that they can enjoy an immersive, retreat like way of working with me from the comfort of their own homes.  

To continue the above ‘orange’ story, my client’s pack uses all my gifts and I changed the physical practice to reflect these new energies for the body – “Just perfect for what I feel I need right now” was the response when practised as the core burn is felt.

In discussion we addressed the choices for my client to take to support moving towards the intended direction for my client’s life. My client finds that the Reiki provides a holistic approach and understanding of the energetic, emotional and manifested root of why the devised practices support all levels of life.

Healing guides you to support your best self with aligned life choices.

Discover Your Own Wisdom

Sometimes Reiki healing amplifies ‘real life’ to shift perspective to what is sought. My favourite incident was the bunny rabbit that so vividly appeared during a distance Reiki healing, and I went into long detail about my client saving the rabbit from the road. She emailed back:  

That was a lovely session. SO crazy because when you talked about the bunny... Exactly one week prior to that, I happened to be walking to the grocery store with a friend in the downtown area of the neighborhood where I lived, and in front of all these bars and restaurants around 9:30pm, a little bunny was freaking out on the sidewalk trying to cross the road. Most people either couldn't figure out what was going on/thought I was a crazy person/thought I was trying to catch the bunny, but I waited until traffic cleared and ran out into the street with the bunny to guide it to safety in the residential area on the other side of the street. Very odd that that came up.”

But the healing made sense for this client who had asked for guidance on “loving myself and others around me” – this incident showed such unconditional love for the rabbit and my client who managed their safety and comfort together. This moment in ‘real life’ was amplified energetically because it was the answer sought before the healing even occurred, my client just needed the Reiki healing to guide already known self-mastery and wisdom.

Healing is always your own self-mastery and wisdom.

The Healer’s Intention

Nid superpowers review.jpg

Resistance exists too. Some try it and tell me “It’s not for me. I can’t meditate or lie like that.” Others do not like the suggestions or messages conveyed. You can ignore the healing messages. But, we know that what you resist persists.

If your soul calls for you to heal then events unfold to provide you with the healing that you need. I was told since 2003 to write by different healers and it took 11 years plus a head injury to act on it and begin my blog.

How does this happen? When others send you healing energy it will take you to your healing path. Dr James L Oschman’s 2015 studies showed that it is the intention of the healer that transcends timespace to provide the healing needed for the recipient.

Healing is across spacetime

For one client, who is open and eager to develop yet struggles with the patience and discipline of practice, the distance Reiki healing occurred whilst working.

Distance healing crosses space and time, just like distance time is also not really required for the healing to occur. Vibrations of energy are in constant flow so space and time not relevant. Spacetime is only relevant to our three-dimensional brains as this is what we can perceive.

My client’s email informed me that the writer’s block had gone, there was new found enthusiasm and clarity for the book. Pumped and on fire to complete the book. The intention was to provide the healing and it was received.

Make your wish, be willing to receive, trust the universe to provide and you shall have your wish.


Give distance Reiki healing a try with Nid

I cannot promise magic, although believe magic is everywhere if you open your eyes.

I have not experienced physically healing sickness, although they say Jesus and other healers had this energy healing power.

I am honest, truthful and act with integrity. It is within my skills to receive guidance to support you if you ask me to, but if you do not like what I suggest then I will let you be free.

It is your choice. Your life. Your journey.