How online Pilates or Yoga works

It is funny how things unfold. Online businesses have seen a massive growth and wellbeing is another industry in growth, so it makes sense that they come together. But nothing makes up for human contact, right? It depends on who you are.

Perhaps we never set out for Omega Movement to be an online business, but I love working online because my ‘tribe’ is global as I shared in my Friends blog post. Molly enjoys more face-to-face time but enjoys supplementing sessions with online for convenience.

Try an online session with me and discover if it works for you!

Why try online training?

When you find someone that you love to work with then it is worth keeping the connection. Your journey together is so rewarding and enjoyable that it provides further development for everyone involved. I love meeting people who travel the world and want to keep connected. When they are seeking help and wonder if I can support them the answer is YES!

Thanks to Zoom, Skype and other secure platforms we can connect via video and even record the session to practice in your own time. To be honest, most clients don’t really manage the videos as often as they might like. They enjoy the contact with me for their training - apparently I am motivating and funny without losing my technical eye and intuitive hits.

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My clients tell me:

  1. 100% tailored to you program & tuition.

  2. Receive motivation and technical eye from a professional.

  3. Commitment to show up and do your practice.

  4. Enjoy friendly non-judgmental support with a kind smile.

  5. Take your sessions as you travel so you keep up the good work.

  6. Intuitive approach is responsive to life as it changes.

  7. Great for discipline and getting to practice.

Honestly, it appears to me that it is having someone you can account to that does so in a non-judgmental way. A motivating face that encourages you to be honest, do your best and laugh.

Can I really see and adjust you via video?

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I notice a lot of 'coaches’ online and video platforms for movement classes. Yes, I offer intuition and meditation mentoring that don’t require movement but they do work with energy healing techniques and not physical movement. Pilates, yoga and functional mind-body movement in private tuition takes a specific skillset. To understand the body even if I can only see it from one weird angle of the camera lense.

When asked “how” I can “teach movement” online it is through 3 skills:

1. EXPERIENCE IN MOVEMENT. Over 30 years of movement practice in my own body and over 9 years of teaching healing movement through dance, fitness, Pilates and yoga, means that I have developed a keen eye for biomechanics. There are likely misalignments occurring or incorrect muscle firing if I see an outcome in one body part. This means that a mixture of experience and deduction can prompt likely assumptions in my cueing. I may see a twist in your shoulders that is because your hips need to move slightly left, even if I cannot clearly see you hip on the video screen. It is a bit like being Sherlock Holmes of movement and you are Dr Watson - we are a team of discovery for you.

2. ENERGY EYES. Everyone perceives the world in their own way. Always fascinated by the 90% of communication that is non-verbal I observe breath through the movement of the body, alignment and space around your body. I can see if you are breathing properly online from what I can see in the video. If you are breathing poorly it will display in your finer movement sequencing. My energy and Reiki healing has deepened my training in reading energy from your body throughout the session. I am a ‘mirror’ so often feel sensations that my client’s do in a session. This mirroring deepens your movement practice to create healthy balanced tension and release in your movement sequencing.

3. VERBAL SKILLS. When I began teaching movement in 2000, I spent the first 3 months of teaching only verbally due to a dislocated shoulder followed by a sprained my ankle. This consolidated verbal cueing in classes. Training as a barrister furthered my verbal cues in accuracy and speedy linguistic gymnastics. Although I love tactile teaching on my retreats, there is a huge benefit your learning if you listen to words and discover the movements and shapes in your own body without my hands. You are more likely to remember the sensations and you are training your body to pattern into the shape.

How does online training work?

The basic process to book is:

  1. ALL packs come with a FREE 30 minute consultation to agree if it is the right choice for you and how we can support your intentions.

  2. You choose your package with Nid or Molly from our At Home section

  3. Pay & receive a code for booking your sessions online (select your time zone when booking).

  4. We send you the online link for your session with instructions. Or check them out here.

  5. Log into the link at the time agreed and meet your teacher.

  6. Laugh, listen, move, record and get your goals!

    A great starter package is the Moving Meditation package for £275 over 2-3 months. This is a great way to get disciplined, motivated and make some physical changes in your body and mind. Pack includes:

    FREE 30 minute consultation to identify how Nid will help you & if we can work together

    30 minute distance Reiki healing to energetically clarify what you need

    30 minute mentoring discussion to review your practice and healing to ensure the practice will  meet you goals & needs 

    6 x 30 minute movement sessions online with Nid

    Online workout sheet for you to review and follow

    Videos of sessions to see your workout (recorded with Zoom)

    Private online folder with all your files, videos and notes

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