Taking risks for the inner reward

There are times in life when you have to take a leap. You are filled with anxieties and fears at so many levels, that your dreams drown you in crazy stories where you wake in sweat and your heart is racing. There is a part of you that wants to run and hide, and that other part that knows this is a powerful shift.

What risk?

My decision to run the Aligned Rhythm Retreat in Mexico is one of the huge fears for me. Inspired by the location of Cenotes Dos Ojos and their healing deep cave waters, I felt my heart’s desire to crack open in these healing waters.


As part of my healing journey, my meditation practices have been taking myself to float in deep waters and caves to remove the senses and allow myself to draw inwards. This imagery helped me reduce my sensory awareness to find an inner place where I could feel the peace to truly release into darkness.

However, meditations becoming a reality bring fears to the surface to be faced and set free at the level of this bodily experience. Every time I create my meditations in real life I shift my own energy and uncover a new aspect of myself. What I noticed was that I kept being drawn back to the rhythms of ‘old Nid’ and her habits speed. My intention was to uncover my aligned rhythm so that I can let my life flow with ease of a momentum that supports my dreams and happiness.

A heart-led life


Everyone has their own heartbeat and it changes all the time. This rhythm is the key to your life. Not just physically but emotionally and energetically. A heart-led life is loving, compassionate, kind, strong, non-judgmental and fluid. A person in aligned rhythm glows from within and lights up a room. A beacon of love and light to brighten the day of others.

In daily life it is your self-wisdom of knowing when you need to slow down or get going with things. To recognise your time to rest, reflect and retrain is vital to have the clarity and healthy momentum to move forward in life. As it is also vital to know when there is momentum flowing and you must roll with opportunities presented to you.

Live to your rhythm

You are able to create time for you because you love you more and more each day. Priorities can shift, but there is something much bigger than prioritising the to do list.

The Mayan jungle nature balances the grounding plant life with deep rocky caves filled with water. These surrounds quiet the mind so that can hear your heartbeat and begin to feel rhythm in your body. You feel grounded, quiet and connected to something greater.


Quiet creates space. In the space it is possible to unify breath, heart and energy to work from alignment. This space and pace creates a sense of time. Your pace = more time.

You become Neo in The Matrix where you can go super-fast because you perceive it so slowly. When you are aligned, you are present and there is only you time.

Dance to your own heartbeat

Sometimes you have to disconnect to reconnect.

You need a reset to hear your own breath. Surround yourself in nature to witness another pace of living. Your body wants to move to its beat.


Modern lives have a lot of sounds running around at their own pace. Even if you wear headphones there are contrasting rhythms all confusing your body with different signals. You need to disconnect.

As you reconnect this feeling of presence it will lead your rhythm from what you love for you. You begin to choose from what fills you with love and you no longer feel that you are ‘busy’ because everything fills you up with more love.  As love lifts you higher with its beat you are carried with a rhythm that lights you up and knows when to recharge. 

Flow with Your Easy Momentum

When you go with your own pace you discover you have more energy.

You inner rhythm aligns all aspects of your mind, body and spirit. When you go at your rhythm the energy flows freely between each of them efficiently and with ease. You unlock abundant energy that carries you with momentum through life.


Once you have your energy back, it is time to set clear intentions, focus and make wise choices to take you into a fulfilled joyful life. Choices made from alignment build a momentum that begins to flow you downstream with ease. You may notice you are doing more than ever before, but the support will be there in abundance. You are carried by the universe.

Back home it can be hard to get confused with your momentum and the busy pace of normal life. Simple tools that bring you back to your aligned rhythm amidst the multiple demands in life are vital survival tools. Short, practical daily routines and habits can quickly transform your life when you build them into your self-love as a guide of your rhythm.

How can you do this safely?

Woven through is heart focused work, but not necessarily in the obvious shapes of backbends to open, but a balanced approach of opening heart energy around respecting healthy boundaries.

If you know my movement classes then you know this means some amazing shoulder and core work to support your heart. My retreats bring this combination and balance of yoga, meditation, nidras, fascia and Pilates classes with additional activities to take you into your heart, connect and bring you back to your life full of your purest energy and fun.

In Mexico, there are added beautiful excursions to Cenotes dos ojos and SUP will clear and revitalise your natural energy and use of the shoulder girdle in these water activities provide fluid resistance to strengthen your body in a balanced way. Discover more and click on below.