Communicating Wellbeing Authentically

There was a time when I used to look at those ‘happy’ signs like ‘love what you do and never work a day in your life’ and think – what cheesy rubbish. It lacked the suffering and challenges of life. There was no depth I thought. When my career transitioned I never wanted to become ‘that cheesy’ wellbeing person. But I have no poker face skills so it meant I had to find an authentic way to work in wellbeing.

Becoming Authentically Positive

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In April 2017 I came back to London after 3 months in Central America and my then boyfriend told me that he had stopped reading my emails, my blog posts or looking at my social media posts. He told me that I had become ‘that cheesy person’, and that I had become inauthentic and I wasn’t me anymore.

That was a shame. It showed that it was time for us to part. He was right that I had changed, but he was wrong that it was inauthentic. I had connected back to me: I carried less suffering and had found peace, grace and joy.

Abraham Hicks and Law of Attraction teaches that when you vibrate your energy at a certain level those who are not with you, will not see it. You cannot bring someone else up, it is for them to raise their vibration alone. Sometimes you can wait for them to level up and join you, or it is time to part. 

Business is the same and rule 1 is: ‘Who are your ideal clients?’ and ‘Who are your current clients?’.

I value true deep connections with my clients, like life-long friends that we explore life together. My clients teach me so many things and reflect back at me where I am in my personal and professional journey. If you send out an energy of ‘need’ when seeking clients, you get needy clients. I have awesome clients. I have loving, genuine, open-hearted, generous and fun clients who have faced many challenges of their own. They inspire me,  fill me with joy and humble me. 

The Pro’s Tips on Marketing a Wellbeing Business?

I am no marketeer (although I advised on marketing law). The advice is:

  1. To tell your story and journey.
  2. Feed a bit of you each day to connect deeply with others via lots of social media posts and emails.
  3. Business coaches tell me to create a program that is my USP and own discovery of well-being living, so I can charge a premium and barely do face-to-face work.

My work and personal life are completely interwoven and the same thing to me.  I value social media for connecting internationally in a way that I could not otherwise with my friends. But it overwhelms me to look at it. I am wary that it can perpetuate a 'shallow' image and am uncomfortable with the privacy aspects. 

Omega Movement is a brand because Molly and I are private people and don’t like to focus on our personal stories. Neither of us is a big social media user. This creates a basic challenge. How can we share us in a way that we are comfortable?

Find Your Voice

When I left the UK people asked me to share my adventures, but not everyone is on social media. I felt awkward to be ‘that cheesy person’ about my adventures. I worked hard to develop techniques that allowed me to express myself in a personal and professional way as my journey has unfolded. 

Writing a Blog

This is my most comfortable. I loved writing as a child. It was one of my safe havens from the ‘real world’. I write to process an experience, which is why my posts are never time ordered and come from my self-exploration of life. I try to find the lesson and how I learnt it – there is a reflective practice that is important in self-development. This is where to come the best connection and authenticity of me if you can't work with me in person or online. I can tell the full experience and it connects to those not on social media.

Social Media

I had stopped taking photographs for a long time because I was so wrapped up in the present moment. Instagram puts a camera between me and the moment. Reporting my life on Facebook takes away the wordless format of the experience. 

Instagram strategy:

  1. I actively seek something small and beautiful on random days to take photographs.
  2. I keep a collection of these photos.
  3. Twice a day I meditate and at the end, I randomly scroll with my eyes still closed until I pick a photo.
  4. Then I write from my heart the message with the photo at that moment. The energy is clean and honest.

Facebook strategy:

  1. Visual images are reshared from Instagram as they still look beautiful on Facebook from Omega Movement. 
  2. I share my blogs to my personal Facebook profile and updates on what I am excited about. 
  3. For some months I shared my monthly email on Facebook, but I am stopping this because I feel it overwhelms others. 


You probably get email overload and were grateful for GDPR if in Europe. I agree. Only receive what you want to interact with properly. My life has no distinguishing from work or play, every day is the same and vastly different. Perhaps this makes my personal email seem inauthentic as I talk about my business, but it is just my natural enthusiasm to share what I love and enjoy. I try to keep it simple and it evolves as I do. 

  1. I send 1 email shared per month as this is enough. 
  2. My life is so exciting and moves quickly. It is a lot to share and I try to put it in places for you to find me e.g. Find Nid.
  3. Changing it up - I will be sharing my monthly magical ritual in my emails going forward. It's fun for you to know how I stay sane. 

YouTube and Vimeo

Holistic wellbeing is a visual and audio-visual medium. We began with some simple videos of workouts. We have shared some 'How To' videos and themed sequences to support our clients. I enjoy sharing my personal workouts for people to try out and how to discover props for new uses. 

We are building themed collections to share in the future. These are themes that we have worked through ourselves and see many of our clients need support with. 

Website, Flyers and Referrals 

These old-school methods have helped Omega Movement flourish. We still have our first clients from the first flyers we dropped through post boxes. This is such a treat! They share the word about us and the network has grown. We are so grateful that you want to share about us. 

Molly and I are visual people so our website and flyers are photographic strong. Often too wordy we are getting more concise in our messages, but sometimes when you want to share exploring many ways to wellbeing it gets vast. 


Sharing with Others

I hide behind a brand, but I love to collaborate with others. We are stronger when not alone and so Omega Movement has this larger goal – to collaborate and share more perspectives to connect and heal more people to live fulfilled joyful lives. Collaborations take us to more people and places, which is dynamic and spreads the joy.

I only work with those I genuinely connect deeply with and have huge respect for as people. This goes for fellow wellbeing and healing professionals as well as my clients. If you vibrate at the same level as me or my collaborators, we begin to all shift higher. Together, we raise the healing potential of the world.

What is Your Vibration?

I recall when I realised how people perceive what they want to see. When I was very ill soon after my accident and should not have been at work, I realised that people wanted me to be well. They ignored a lot of large warning signs of my problems – like walking into walls and crying at my desk from the pain. They perceived me in a way that suited their needs and expectations.

You will perceive me with where you are at right now. If you find me or Omega Movement inauthentic then that is ok. Like when you get an email or text message that seems angry and then you re-read it to see no anger, perhaps reflect on your reaction. Where is your vibration in this moment?

Authentic or inauthentic as you perceive, my intentions and communications always come from my heart. I only wish to share healing love to all.

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